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first level of paradiso, + so could see the infinite One, God.
What I'm more inclined to think, however, is based on Canto 33 of Paradiso of the "Commedia." Viz: "God is the book of the universe: "the same [volume of leaves] that the universe holds scattered through its maze." This relates God to the universe in a way that isn't contingent. What I did was move along an axis of some kind + encounter -one or perhaps several- of these pages of the book, as if they are very fine layers, resembling the phosphene graphics. I moved through them, along this axis, + the laws (rules) changed; I am speaking of plural coaxial worlds. Actually I am sure that I was moved as a primary condition of my level of ontology (authentic being, in Heidegger's sense, ushered in by Urangst), moved up crucially, + in fact rather suddenly - it is of extraordinary value to know that this can occur during a lifetime rather then between. It is as if the frequency of these pages become greater the closer (but not spacially!) that you get to the Source, the One - this is clearly Neo-Platonism.
I seem to have passed orthogonally through a sort of realm, + I had done so once before to get here, as my anamnesis showed. At once the rules changed; I changed + world changed, + "always was [now] different," like retroactive changes.

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I may be wrong, but I think "urangst" is a German word meaning "primeval fear".