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So if you intersected the next "page" up (as I did due to the collision of the 2 ideas in my mind in 2-74, thus producing one mega-idea) what you'd experience would be a bombardment of your mind by information - which is exactly what I experienced. It's because this next level up is a quantum-leap forward in information-richness.
Thus it would have the attributes of a wisdom machine or entity, a pure knowing. Actually it is a self-knowing on the part of the system (God) which contains all things. At each successive level it knows more of itself, + if you are located at that level you know what it, at that level ("page") knows; but whereas you know that page, it knows all the pages of the book.
1) An illegal secret Xtian underground existed. (2-74)
2) But such only existed before the time of emperor Constantine.
3) [therefore sign] it is really before 250 AD - probably the time of Acts.
I rejected the testimony of my senses, + soon ceased to see world, but saw instead God, as information. In quick succession I saw 3 worlds occupying the same space + time. The only true reality was the information: "pages."

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