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Fat later developed a theory that the universe is made out of information. He started keeping a journal – had been, in fact, secretly doing so for some time. His encounter with God was all there on the pages in his—Fat’s, not God’s—handwriting.

The term “journal” is mine, not Fat’s. His term was “Exegesis.” A theological term meaning a piece of writing that explains or interprets a portion of scripture. Fat believed that the information fired at him from time to time was holy in origin and hence a form of scripture.

One of his paragraphs impressed me enough to copy it out and include it here.

“Summary. (etc. –v. tractate)

Fat developed a lot of unusual theories to account for his contact with God, and the information derive there from. One in particular struck me as thought-provoking. It amounted to a kind of mental capitulation by Fat to what he was undergoing; this theory held that in actuality he /

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wasn’t experiencing anything at all. Sites of his brain were being selectively stimulated by tight energy-beams emanating from far off, perhaps millions of miles away. These selective brain site stimulations generated in his head the impression—for him—that he was seeing and hearing words, pictures, figures of people, in short God, or as Fat liked to call it, the Logos. But, really, he truly imagined he experienced these things. They resembled holograms. What struck me was the oddity of a lunatic discounting his hallucinations in this sophisticated manner: Fat had intellectually dealt himself out of the Game of Madness while still enjoying its sights and sounds. In effect, he no longer claimed that what he experienced was really there. Did this indicate he had begun to sober up? Hardly. Now he held the idea that 'they' or God or someone owned a long-range very tight information rich beam of energy focused on Fat’s head. In this I saw no improvement, but it did represent a change. Fat

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and what takes its place is bad news because not only can you not understand it, you also cannot communicate it to the other people. The madman experiences something, but what it is or where it comes from he does not know.

In the midst of his shattered landscape Fat imagined God had cured him. Once you notice pyrrhic victories they seem to abound. -- Either he had seen God too soon, or he had seen him too late. In any case it had done him no good at all in terms of survival. Encountering the Living God had not helped to equip him for the tasks of ordinary endurance, which ordinary men, not so favored, handle. -- Men and the world are mutually toxic to each other. But God—the true God—has penetrated both, penetrated man and penetrated the world, and sobers the landscape. But that God, the God from outside, encounters fierce opposition. Frauds—the deceptions of madness—abound, and mask themselves as their mirror opposite: pose as sanity. The masks, however, wear _____ the madness reveals itself. It is _____

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The remedy is here but so is the malady. As Fat repeats obsessively, “The Empire never ended.” In a startling response to the crisis, the true God mimics the universe, the very region he has invaded: he takes on the likeness of sticks and trees and cans in gutters—he presumes to be trash discarded, debris no longer noticed. Lurking, the true God literally ambushes reality and is as well. God, in very truth, attacks and injures us, in his role as antidote. As Fat can testify to, it is a scary experience to encounter this. Thence we say, the true God is in the habit of concealing himself. 25 hundred years have passed since Heraclitus wrote, “Latent form is the Master of obvious form.”

-- Albemuth Crete Rome Calif. x y — ? ? ? ? ? ? ? —?————————————————————————————

drawing, see MS

At y, the entity including me, evolves into its ultimate state (self). The info-firing quasi-material, quasi-energy plasmate non-humanoid life form I call Zebra—from perhaps, thousands, or millions of years in the future.

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In 3-74 that which was in me was that which was outside me. {1} This is not the Holy Spirit; the only theology which describes this is the Eckehart-Sankara Atman-Brahman or Spark-Godhead - the division between me as microcosm (inner) and the macrocosm (outer) was abolished. This is not "theolepsy" - this is the Eckehart-Sankara concept of Moksa. God born in the person and the Godhead outside. Only my ignorance of theology has prevented me from realizing that only the Eckehart-Sankara concept can explain this experience.

{1} and that which was outside me was not localized (i.e. a part of reality but was the totality, viz.: cf. Xenophanes).

I have confused "theolepsy" with this inner-outer identity (unity) of the divine. Its holiness was indubitable.

Via the Eckehart-Sankara route can I see how my experience could be xtian and Brahmansitic. As I correctly explained it in "Valis" what "Zebra" invades (in theophany) is maya - inner and outer maya.

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