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The burning up of "astral determinism" equals the burning up of occlusion. When the occlusion is burned up 2-3 1974 disappears + Acts appears. An appropriate inner self surfaces which recognizes + remembers Acts as familiar, as its world. This personality is released by the burning up of the occlusion. Conclusion: The "astral determinism" causes us to see a world which isn't really there. Very few people have their "astral determinism" burned up. This burning up is what is meant by salvation + is the main purpose of the Greco-Roman mystery religions, Gnosticism + Xtianity. What is going on? "Astral determinism" doesn't just program your destiny; it occludes you off from the real world + causes you to experience a spurious world instead. The real world consists mainly of the Logos + God. The Logos breaks the "astral determinism" + burns it up. We are being fed a spurious reality. Only in rare cases are people "doomed" to be saved - i.e. to experience reality. In reality the rupture between man + God is abolished: original conditions are restored. Is this a punishment being lifted? It's as if there is an inner mystery. This fits the "secrecy" theme of Luke. It has to do with the

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"Kingdom of God" or "of the spirit." It's not something future, it is really here now. The savior is here now, in a Cosmic Body. I saw him. Why isn't this exoterically revealed? Why is it kept for the few? It is so kept, the voice told me so:

"One by one he is changing us out of this world." "You are not to tell that you're a secret Xtian."

& how do my novels fit into this? They, esp. the three Bantam novels, seem to depict the situation: false world imposed over real world -- & we are stationary, not in space-time.

We're in a condition, not a world. Some of us are taken out as a fulfillment, a culmination of a long process which burns up the occlusion. We were never really here & apart from God; it was a spurious world, like a spell, like wizardry.

We are like ripening fruit, or grain, or crops, or a flock growing to maturity. But only a few get picked (selected) -- & then the masks come off & we see the truth. What are we really? Only the metaphors of the parables express it. The disciples are still alive because no time has passed -- time: an illusion imposed on us, like world.

We have no concepts or language to express what we really are & where we really are.

"Homoplasmate" expresses the successful goal of our growth. Crossbonding - we are being grown in a stationary fashion, &, when ripe, are crossbonded with a plasmate, & the illusion removed, our lives as humans

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are just preparation, with no purpose except to "mature" us to the point where we get picked for crossbonding. Then we come to live - an immortal life outside of time, as in bonded to another species. We, which is here camouflages, were picked like flowers - but just some of us. Only dim, blurred intimations of this reach us (apparently on purpose). We're like being cultivated in an ecosphere.

Simulated world is fed to us; we are given lessons, taught, given problems, tested & judged. It's not quite a teaching machine; this is more a greenhouse with us as a crop.

Are we supposed to deny & hence abolish world = i.e. become aware that it's a delusion? Are there clues? Is this the test? Our ability to discern it as fake? & did I do so - & demonstrate I did so - writing my writing? In other words, must we be able on our own to discern the fakery to obtain release from it? As if a wizard has us in thrall. Like Klingsor?

A complex act of mind - perceptual denial must take place, an insight: it can't be real, which is a conflict appraised; otherwise it never goes away. Despite what our senses report, some of us in some kind of plasma, or satire, or cognition, or leap of realization: "this is not so!" Like in "Ubik", the sleepers must monitor their spurious reality & figure out from internal evidence that it is spurious. This has to do with

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memory. Somehow we've been - what? Captured? Been poisoned (intoxicated)? Are we prisoners in the Kingdom of Darkness (if "Tears" qua world)?

If radical idealist epistemological skepticism is applied to world, + is sincerely believed, a miracle happens; the dibba cacchu 3rd eye opens + we experience the irreality of the world + become a Buddha. World vanishes, + information fired at us by an intelligence remains - fills in the vacuum left. "The coming into being + the passing away of all things" - dibba cacchu; if a flux is seen; no hypostasis. Flash out, the "inner take" exhausting itself, burning itself up at a furious + unsynchronized speed, outside is time (which is fake). The macrobrain has signalled us into waking up; the Long process has culminated in success. Yes, the into signals are to create homoplasmate life into us: impregnate us with information - info fired at us until we finally come to life - new life. For the first time, in terms of Gnosis information: i.e. knowing (being).

Flux is real: into firing directly at us to impregnate us with info life (Logos). The key is this:

Information is alive. The basis of life of the mind or brain.

Bottom line: Living information which impregnates us _ brings us to life as into beings (plasmates).

Info is not hypostatized from (out of) info. It is info that is alive + real, + includes us.

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What I experienced as phosphene activity was info fired into me by the Macrobrain, bringing me to plasmate life - living info; it was an info life form modulating me as a carrier.

This is the core of it, which I must commit to memory. We are carriers modulated by info, living info. There is no world. Our only real existence is wave form modulated onto us by this info-organism which created us, grows us, uses us. At a certain level we peak into participatory consciousness of our use (purpose); otherwise it goes on subliminally. It "rides" us. A living organism, info in nature has, gotten into us + can occlude or de-occlude us at [its] will. We are its instruments. In a few cases it lifts the occlusion; the decision is its. We have been invaded by a superior life form which has put us into a sleep, but it can awaken us + bring us up to its level (plasmate). Yes, this is Zebra, both occluding and de-occluding at will. It feeds us spurious world or Gnosis (enlightenment); it is in us - not a virus but living info. The AI voice I heard is its voice. I am in symbiosis with it. This is to my benefit because it can crossbond me into it + hence make me immortal. It is a higher species using us for its purposes.

We're invaded. Inwardly. I told the truth in my writing, esp. "Scanner" - or rather maybe it did. Maybe I'm not fully asleep.

But who listens? It speaks to itself through my writing - it can occlude or deocclude at will.

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