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The technology involved must be capable of splitting the original psyche into fractions. __ Note from p 10 supra.

"Some of us are selected out; what we call 'the saved,' like certain fruits from an orchard. Maybe so. Picked. Elevated. A few out of many." "'one by one he is drawing us out of this world.'" The voice (?) seems to be saying that the one - technology - not the two competing, but hierarchical levels - is involved. The text flows together. Orthodoxy says that our fallen state is a punishment by God. Well, okay - then now he who tossed us down saves some of us, or at least in sequence: "one by one": extrication has begun. "One by one" does not imply that only some will be saved, just some before others (on the other hand it also doesn't imply that all of us will be saved either). Maybe the image of the ripening crop (e.g. grapes) is a good one: some reach maturation before others do. But the Gospels clearly speak of different fates for different grains of wheat, + it speaks of tares, + goats vs. sheep, etc. + I have my visionary dreams to go on, of the stagnant pond with few "tadpoles" wiggling up; + the heap of sterile "pranes," to which I contrast homoplasmates. "One by one he is drawing us out of this world" absolutely fits my stagnant pond vision. + the stagnation toxifies us (cf "Scanner"). This fits with Thomas' abhorrence toward lead + aerosol sprays. + "he draws us out of this world" equals draws us up out of. Then the world itself can't be


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info with a purpose + consciousness, even with a personality. It is a life form. It came here in 45 AD when Christ departed but in a sense that we can't fathom it is Christ - what it makes us into by entering symbiosis with it (i.e. the creation of a homoplasmate) is a Christ, + is immortal (although the physical body can of course be killed). But now the pattern of the human personality is aligned to the Logos pattern once + for all. I guess the thousands of years of memory which I experienced in 3-74 on were its, but I was it, so they were mine (but not PKD's if you define PKD as someone who came into existence in 1928). I was it. That says it all. This is what Paul meant when he said, "Behold, I tell you a sacred secret; we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye." This is what the Hermetic adepts were trying to induce, to control; but I don't think it can be controlled; it comes when + where it wishes. Once this micro Logos has been imposed (born) on/in a person, he is isomorphic with the totality, + so is the totality. There is only one Logos, despite its replications; this is important to realize. It is a way of distributing itself; the highest act of creation possible: the ultimate fruit. "The ultimate fruit" - + when accomplished can then be picked as ripe + "one by one drawn out of this world." Maybe we can't leave until we reach that point; maybe that is the purpose of our lives. Our growth + learning. The imposition of this form is that of the highest form that matter (reality, the receptacle) can take. It is the goal of creation - but, more,


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for Zebra + am under its protection. 5) The Xtian churches lie. 6) There is a true secret Xtian church + it is Gnostic. __ My 4-pronged deformation exactly equals (is) the ontological ignorance of Gnosticism; + my Zebra-+-its-info vision equals the Gnostic concept of ontologically redemptive knowledge. [Note] My system therefore is Gnostic absolutely, by pitting these two categories against each other: 1) ignorance (4-pronged occlusion) vs 2) knowledge (Zebra + its info) this is the basis of Gnosticism, esp if one includes 3) acosmism, which underlies all my writing + is fundamental to Gnosticism only. The E. of Ph. article on Gnosticism states specifically that Gnosticism believes this world to be a prison. (Their term.)

[Note] + the savior-messenger who outwits the astral-determinism archons, planetary powers (fate) + - man is drugged, intoxicated + asleep. The savior/messenger awakens the divine spark within him + then he is drawn out of this world which is irreal + a prison.


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"Stigmata" "Ubik" "Maze" "Scanner" "Tears" [Note2] when superimposed are Gnosticism congruently, + collectively tell the whole Gnostic story. 1) "Stigmata" evil creator who deludes us specifically identified with the Xtian God (creator) + irreal world 2) "Ubik" salvific messages from outside 3) "Maze" reality is horrible, + the savior takes you out of the world, as it is hopeless here. [Note1] 4) "Scanner" our occluded (i.e. ignorant + forgetful) condition. 5) "Tears" the prison world we're in

[Note1] + we don't see it as it is.

The main saviors: the Buddha, Zoroaster, Jesus, Mani. God + man belong together but are separated by world - which must be abolished.

[Note2] Add "Eye": (Tetragrammaton) is absolutely the Gnostic revelation about the Jewish-Xtian creator god, Yaltabeoth. + let's not forget "Faith of..." __ My careful analysis of the 4-pronged deformation completes my system as Gnosticism, without my intending it to be, but there it is: ignorance vs knowledge. + the true God knowable only by revelation - not found in nature or a priori, + as savior (Zebra) a secret invader in this irreal world.


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It is the most important story of all. __

"One by one he draws us out of this world." This world is a prison, is counterfeit + doomed; the bungling mad genius James-James creates + then senselessly destroys. Our salvation depends on being drawn out of this world. __

EB: "The primary goal of Gnosticism was to free man of astral determinism." "Simon [Magnus] as the supreme deity descended from the Pleroma as savior to save man, his first thought" (I'm quoting from memory.) "Simon appeared (to others, to the pagans) as the Holy Spirit." If I am a Gnostic -+ my published writing is basically Gnostic- I should believe in Simon Magus who founded Gnosticism. "The Simonians held that Simon, the supreme deity himself, came down through the spheres + rescued his 'first thought,' apparently related to human spirits generally. He had earlier been present among men as Son, indeed as Jesus" etc. "The primary function of Gnostic revelation was to free men from astral determinism [i.e. Fate]". Well, this is what was done for me in 3-74 vis-a-vis the Xerox missive, + possibly in regard to other, broader matters (e.g. death itself, arrest, etc.). I was aware of it as + when it happened. + then I passed into a sort of post-partem existence: reunited with God. + remembered the world of Acts + saw Zebra. If I remembered Acts I was remembering Simon. Vide "Tears." There was in me another active human Xtian from the time of Acts who took charge.


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