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3-74, saved me from astral determinism, manifested himself in me + took control, + gave me the saving Gnosis, which is to say, I experienced the contents of his mind + his personality. Many items in "Tears" point to him. Q.E.D. + the person who surfaced in me came from the time + place of Acts (which collates with "Tears"). Simon lived at the time + place of Acts, when Felix was procurator of Judea, + was baptized by Philip who baptized the black man, a scene in "Tears" which father Rasch recognized came from Acts. Acts in a book in the Bible, but it is also a specific time + place where + when certain events took place. Those appear in "Tears" - whoever underwrote "Tears" was from that time + place + firsthand knew of those events - as did the ur-personality which took control of me in 3-74 + saved me from my fate + gave me the Gnostic vision. So he was a Gnostic. When I saw the Golden Fish sign in 2-74 I remembered the world of Acts - I remembered it to be my real time + place. So I am (esse/sum) Simon reborn - + not in 2-74 or 3-74 but all my life. I must face it: I am Simon but had amnesia, but then in 2-74 experienced anamnesis. I Simon am immortal. + Simon is the basis for the Faust legend.


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are postmortem experiences - the vast space, the reunion with my guide Tony Boucher who is waiting there for me. A doorway to the upper, celestial realm (the Pleroma) opened for me. So I spanned a period from my original dwelling in the Pleroma, to coming here (Mycenean Crete + Egypt), 1st century C.E. Rome to my death, after my death + return to God the abyss: the complete descent, forgetting, dwelling here in the Black Iron Prison, recollection (death + resurrection) + ascent to the Pleroma once more. (Since I was outside of time). (This is how it was done: the divine spark is not bound by space + time.) + I saw the messenger / savior ("Zebra") extricating me, [Note] heard Sophia's "AI" voice, + knew my true identity as Simon Magus, [see p.46] ("Thomas"). Also I saw the Kerygma in the corpus of my writing + understood how it came to be there - + recognized it as a "trashy" form of the saving gnosis.

[Note] This absolutely identifies Zebra as the messenger / savior: that it visibly (to me) broke the bonds of "astral" determinism, power of the archons (fate) which had hold of me (the causal-sequence "melt away" which I saw Zebra doing: it is the messenger / savior who does that + no one else.)


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But back to the Q on p. 67, the relationship between astral determinism + time. Time is now seen as a hypostasis of "look differents" so it is the "look differents" which are connected to astral determinism. 1) The "look differents" are not merely observed by the subject but include him as part of them. 2) They (the "look differents") are controlled by this "he" who "causes" them. 3) Therefore he controls the subject(s).

Presumably, if the "look differents" reverted to a prior state, so would the subject, since he is part of them like any other part. 1) Then if there was a reversion to prior state Rome CAD 45 whatever subject perceives this would himself revert, which is palpably absurd - but so is the external reversion, by any known system or standard we know of. 2) I saw a reversion to Rome CAD 45. 3) I reverted in conjunction. What I saw was my world (inc. customs + language in me: a total, different, appropriate to this place and time me). 4) Therefore my self (ego) is a mere "looking" or aspect of seeming. + I am under "his" control, whoever "he" is. 5) This is astral determinism; it does not just determine what my world seems to be but what I seem to be (both experienced incorrectly as esse). So astral determinism doesn't just control my fate as outcome or final state of my life, or even the course of it, but what I see objectively + experience myself to be.

1) Therefore being freed from astral determinism would involve freedom from the world I am in


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determinism refers to a spurious mode of being regarding world and self - what the Hindu religion calls Maya: delusion. We are so-to-speak manufactured by this structure: the product of it, generated + controlled inside out. Only in such novels as "Ubik," "Maze," "Stigmata," is this situation dealt with. Throw in "Tears" + "Scanner" + "Eye" as well as "Impostor," "Electric Ant," + "Faith of -" + you have it all. Ego R.I.P. Worse, we are cut off from our authentic self (state) + world. This is what I must put forth in "Valis," + the Salvidor Salvandus. The impaired Godhead extricating its own fallen parts, + re-assimilating them. This broad view of astral determinism + its overcoming is fine - but in my case, the firing of the "death strip" DNA signal was aborted, + my life saved - i.e. the destiny aspect. ___ I am told, the 5th savior will take my burden off me -

Ich unglucklich Atlas Eine Welt, die ganze Welt erschmertzen Muss ich tragen... Stolzes Herz - Und brechen will mir das Herz in Leib -

I do not have to carry the burden any longer, nor pave the way ("Make a highway for our Lord"), I will be released - the savior will carry it for me.


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than the other way around. I was not sacrificed for the needs of a process; the process not only ended in me but culminated in the new order of Christ's Sophia rule. This has to do with the "interspecies symbiosis" which Bob Wilson speaks of; more precisely, what I term a homoplasmate comes into being, which is what Jesus was: homo (man); plasmate (Logos). Efficient cause evolution has expired in fulfillment; the human is now ready for bonding to the non-terrestrial divine spirit, which restores him (man) as what he is supposed to be. I would be willing to entertain the notion that Zebra, the plasmate + macrobrain camouflaged here, an invader, is from the stars (even specifically Sirius). It started life (DNA, more accurately) in this world, let it evolve, until now some of us are ready for the interspecies bonding (homoplasmate), out of which the enigmatic new, immortal life form which I call Firebright is born, with the plasmate as Yang or impregnating parent, the bridegroom, + me a mother, womb or Yin; i.e. bride. Upon my physical death, Firebright will come out of his slumbering cocoon stage - Slumbering. "Meanwhile, all this time, Siddhartha slept." Firebright? The imminent birth of St Sophia/ Buddha/ Apollo/ Siddhartha is [a] or the Firebright? Progeny of man (me) + plasmate (God)? Yes. Elijah came first into me, + turned me back toward my father. Then the plasmate - out of which interspecies bonding Firebright was born. He sleeps now, but upon my physical


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