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_through_ us as if we were transistors, diodes, wires + condensors, resistors, all none the wiser. Meanwhile our closed private world engages our attention with challenges, paih + delight, so that we will not merely subsist as slave components with nothing to do but function. After all, there will be long intervals when no adventitious info needs to be processed by us - without a world, we would degenerate fatally during these standby periods, which, I intuit, may last years or even decades. Meanwhile we have food, music, books + friends. The primal necessity of this info processing may explain events + episodes in our lives which otherwise remain enigmatic or appear even futile - pointless travail, goal-less activity. For all we know, it is during or because of these that we then or later can fulfill our data-processing task. I'm not sure of this but I suspect it. So, data are fed insidiously into each (psyche-world) closed system, to mix with the Pong-signals trapped there, to which the psyche-world remains oblivious. Thus the routine business of Zebra is continually transacted through us; we link + arrange incoming data - the metalanguage of the macroentity - in response to covert, signalled instructions from Zebra to us. Therefore must be remembered that each of us works in conjunction with other cells, so instructions as well as data are fired to us by Zebra, instructions as to what to do with the data before we pass it on. There probably are a lot of instructions. I have read these 37 pages over + am amazed + delighted at the direction of my analysis. What an original system - +, more important, a system at last commensurate with the revelations of 3-74. Always

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The logic of this looping-back future tutelary spirit of the awakened Siddhartha to arouse the antecedent dormant - sleeping - Siddhartha points inexorably to me as one of the many Buddhas - for instance, I experienced dibba cakkhu. The tutelary voice which speaks to me is my future ajna self which came into existence in (3-74). (But also, it is timeless, it has always existed.) I must ask if I am supposed to teach, now, but I see at once that I have taught, over a period of 27 years of writing: I have taught the illusion of world (simulated worlds), + the approach of liberation (enlightenment/salvation/gnosis). The ajna self over all that time underwrote the novels + stories operating out of its future time; this explains such "precog" material as I find in "Faith of..." + "Tears" etc. It had looped back, + in 3-74 awakened me, its past self. Then "Thomas" is a future self. But rooted in the absolute time + world of Acts: the master (form I) personality. [Note] What could I write now that I failed to write in "Ubik", "Maze", "Eye" + "Tears"? It - all these writings - are post dibba cakkhu, not pre. Like in existential fascism (Italian) I acted first + then, at my leisure, in this exegesis, now formulate theory - afterward. "In Anfang war die Tat". Too, this shows the retrograde-in-time motion of Zebra. [Note] Thomas speaks for form I as such, since all of form I is a unitary mind; thus he is + is-not me. There is no individual me in form I because the psychoi have all been subsumed as stations in the one vine (brain), + then plural push-pull worlds abolished. He is more not-me than he is me.

In terms of individual push-pull worlds, forms I + II can be contrasted as modes of being, with II an inauthentic mode in which the psyche, itself false, encounters nothing more than an enhanced

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Then the illusion of space, time, world, causality & individual psyches will be abolished & we as primal man restored will again dwell -- & know we dwell - in the living information / brain of Christ + Noos, where we belong: functioning parts of the whole, thinking as it thinks, living & growing as it lives + grows, + once again experiencing the ecstacy of union with God our macro isomorphic father. These promises have all been made to us, & will be kept. But we do not know when. I speak as a witness who has seen & experienced what it will be like; the savior woke me temporarily, & temporarily I remembered my true identity & task, through the saving Gnosis, but I must be silent, because of the true, secret, transtemporal, early Xtians at work, hidden among us as ordinary humans. I briefly became one of them, Siddhartha himself (the Buddha or Enlightened me), but must never assert nor claim this. The true Buddhas are always silent, those to whom dibba cakkhu has been granted. Yet, buried in my 27 years of writing lies information; in these writings I have told what I know without knowing what I knew. I know now. This is the paradox: when I did not know what I knew (or who & what I am) I could speak, but now I am under the stricture of silence -- because I know.

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The figure of the woman is primarily one of the personification of revealed wisdom, which stands for the entire revelatory process in which all levels are disclosed. She is also prophetess (Sibyl), psychopomp, tutelary spirit, companion, voice of God, + war, as well as both erotic love + agape. In jungian terms she is mediatrix between me + the realms, interpreting them to me as I ascend. If my questions are answered, it is she who answers them. It is also possible that she is judge + fate. So she is present at every level except the last, from which she is excluded (#9, the void). K.W. has loaned me the book "The Rosicrucian Enlightenment" in which it is asserted that working through the Bohemian Elector Palatine Frederick the rosicrucians hoped to bring a golden age of knowledge to the whole world - but the defeat of Frederick at White Mountain demolished their hopes + plans. They wished to break the monolithic Catholic hold politically + intellectually. Once again I entertain the notion that they are the true, secret xtians possessing extraordinary knowledge (+ hence powers), + may be these invisible agents who engineered - successfully - the downfall of the Nixon tyranny - +, furthermore, were responsible for my 3-74 enlightenment + subsequent political acts. They are as invisible now as they ever were. It is hopeless to seek them out; they seek you out + enlist you (the invisible college). Bruno's "magic memory" + techniques to induce it are involved, because thereupon one not only knows, but is plugged into - + hears - what I call the AI voice, who, I believe, coordinated it, them, us, all. In terms of the cybernetics/biological model which I use, one is restored to contact + functionality within the healthy totality of the macrobrain, able to avoid the deliberate noise of the heavy metal particle poisoning + poisoned in this "fallen" region.

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Development throughout of model a vs b (stated on p 21 – is the real hiding behind the fake or are there only multiple worlds caused by brain-site stimulation? To fill in the gaps might need more..or less!

So Thomas is not a former me or a multiple personality. The single sentence last night ("there's someone else inside my head and he's not living in this century") nails it down. 1) "someone else." Thomas is not me. 2) "inside my head." It's a human being. (not the Holy Spirit) 3) "he's not living in this century." This opens the door to that which is beyond conception. Operating out of my head he is locked into the world of Acts. Here ends 4 years and 6 months of analysis and research. Time is unmasked as irreal; 1900 years are disclosed as aspect of one underlying matrix; "Tears" and its Acts material is explained; my 27 years of writing the same themes over and over again fits into place; 2/74 and 3/74 is comprehensible, as is the overthrow of Nixon; the transtemporal constants have been explicated. When I got onto the "volvox" model and the push-pull system I was pretty close: the slowly revolving matrix structure, sphere, and the way it enhances what we project. The negative entropic total system with its stations in connecting links, forming a vast brain -- what a grand vision -- how beautiful. The brain cannibalizing its earlier law-bound itself to achieve total homeostasis and wakefulness for all its parts, so that all is brain, not sub brain, interface for mind, all lives, all knows, all participate.

But I'm under the stricture of silence, because to publish all this I'd have to tell about the immortal authentic apostolic Christians operating covertly in us. Perhaps I should destroy the exegesis. It's a journey which reached its goal.


In my dream in Canada, Kathy said, "one day the masks will come off, and you will understand all." It came to pass -- and I was one of the masks, much to my surprise -- and my whole world as well.


It was a sort of raid on USA 1974 by Christ/God via these apostolic secret immortal Christians latent in some of us -- and becoming active, seizing control of their host humans, at the crucial historical moment. Because these true Christians emanated from the world of Acts, that world so to speak took over our world and voided it or anyhow melded -- synchronized -- with it, which was not visible to the unenhanced eye. Only the apostolic Christians could see it, those foes of the BIP, pulling off an enormous and enormously successful attack on it.


Voice: "it will take ^i.e. require the appearance of noble men." I.e. the second incarnation (i.e. to certify that it's come.)(Or rather, before it can happen. Is Thomas one of these?


My sudden comprehension in 2-74 is literally correct and needs no interpretation. When I experienced anamnesis I knew -- remembered and realized, recovered and recognized -- the real, hidden, secret truth, which is obscured to us.

But suppose: A) two persons exist in my head. B.) one lives in USA 1974, the other in Rome C. A.D. 45 [therefore] there are two persons into space-time worlds -- not two aspects of one matrix, no one absolute (real) world + aspect, but two different worlds, each as real as the other, and separate.

I live in USA 1974; Thomas lives in Rome C. A.D. 45. But how, then, can we both be in one human head? If I dislocate my shoulder, is his dislocated?

The only models for this but I've ever even heard of, let alone know, are my own stories and novels. This situation appears again and again. Take the story "Retreat Syndrome." Or the novel "Maze." The same idea (as has been pointed out to me by all sorts of readers) is reworked again and again, obsessively and endlessly; viz: I keep trying out new ways to account for this situation:

A) you see world X and have memories to match.

B) that world X. is irreal, a delusion, and hides real world Y, and the memories in you are faked to match fake world X. The explanations for this change, but the paradigm does not. I'd state the paradigm this way:

a group of people live in a particular world, i.e. time and place. Then one or more of them begins by degree to discover (or the reader learns) that that world is only a veil or delusional world covering another, real one, which the characters once knew about -- lived in -- but have both forgotten and can no longer perceive. In a variety of ways the latent, hidden, forgotten real world shows through or intrudes, or abolishes entirely the surface, delusional world, and their real memories of it return.

This is exactly what happened to me in 2-74, then more so in 3-74, and then I found that hidden, real world depicted in the novel I wrote four years earlier -- which was released the very week (2-74) I remembered the truth.

However, suppose I am unique. I am the only living person -- even the only one ever in all history -- who has someone else inside his head who is not living in this century -- and who (this someone else) therefore sees and inhabits another space and time, obviously of the century he is living in. But this raises vast questions anyhow, even if I am unique. (This condition, of course, explains they obsessive theme/paradigm in my writing, which accounts for that.)

1) does this someone else just remember the other century -- i.e. did he once in formerly live in it, i.e. in a "past life" and now recalls that? If so, we have evidence here of and for reincarnation, and that's all there is to it.

But this doesn't quite accord with the sentence is stated; viz. "He is (sic) not living in this century." (In contrast to, "he lived in another century." The syntax presents a current situation. He is living there now. And this accords with 2-74, really, in that I did not remember that I once (formerly) lived in Rome C. A.D. 45, but in fact realized that it is Rome C. A.D. 45.

Maybe this was just an erroneous impression. The memory was so vivid that it seemed as if it were now. But in 3-74 I saw in Rome C. A.D. 45. Okay -- obviously the someone else and his other century assumed dominance in me. Aha. Got ya. Why would I actually see Rome C. A.D. 45 going on around me? This is not how memory works; when you remember something you don't see and hear it -- externally (not unless there is electrical stimulation of certain brain centers). Fine. This brings us to Lem's paradigm of the brain being fed an entirely simulated world via technological (electrical, etc.) stimulation of very selective brain sites


Instead of real hidden world versus fake seeming world we have more than one (two to infinity) worlds all simulated uniformly, and selves to match. 2-74 and 3-74 then become "technological breakdown" which "reveals the true state of affairs" and that seems to be the sites-stimulated brain that Lem perceives is the basic model of my writing. My writing is proved by my 2-3/74 experience and vice versa. What I seem to be is a mal constructed entity: somehow the "factory" or "mechanism" fucked up and stuck two personalities in my head (brain) living in different worlds thousands of miles apart and thousands of years apart -- thus disclosing the nature of self and world in general. And I had written it all up in many stories in many novels -- i.e. called world-wide attention to the paradigm at least as the fictional or -- better yet -- theoretical possibility.


so I can choose the multiplex "always stimulation and simulation" model, where I can choose the "fake world and memories hiding the real world and memories" model, but not both, and, as near as I can tell, there is no other choice but these two. Which should I choose?


Conclusion: the vast traffic of information which I saw in 3-74 when I saw "Zebra" is the answer. We are in an information-processing entity -- it may even be [living] information. It uses us to receive, modulate, store and transmit information. So it is computer-like -- or AI-system-like, or brain-like -- a cybernetics or biological model will both work. Basically it knows.

World is -- worlds are -- push-pull projected/generated for us, by us, through us, so that we see world, not the entity as it is (supra paragraph). Why this is I have no idea -- i.e. why we are given what we call "reality" (world) and don't know what we really are (supra), are for, where, why, what.


Voice: “Pretexts”


I have a choice between two totally wild conclusions: A) either it's really Rome C. A.D. 45, and the USA 1974 world is just a way of viewing acts, a mere illusory aspect, through which the real world of acts broke through in 3-74 or B) our world (space and time) and all other worlds are simulations due to direct stimulation of certain brain sites, projected onto an a-spatial, a temporal, plastic matrix out there, by an entity unglimpsed.


Theologically, the only known formulation would be a thorough Brahmanism, very thorough. We (the Atmans or brains) are real, and outside us, Brahman plays tricks and games in conjuring up any and all worlds -- X. number of them, one for each individual Atman, which means billions -- and each Atman finds its exterior analog perfectly substantial, real, consistent, satisfactory and objective (but: compared to what, I ask.)


I have been governed too much by my own fictional models (e.g. "Maze," "Joint").


So our little psyche-world systems are perpetually bombarded with incoming information which we process and, at the right time to write other stations transmit in the right we modified form -- but all this takes place through us as if we were transistors, diodes, wires condensers and resistors, all none the wiser. Meanwhile our closed private world engages our attention with challenges, pain and delight, so that we will not merely subsist as slave components with nothing to do but function. After all, they will be long intervals when no adventitious information needs to be processed by us -- without a world, we would degenerate fatally during the standby periods, which, I intuit, may last years or even decades. Meanwhile we have food, music, books and friends.

The primal necessity of this info processing may explain events and episodes in our lives which otherwise remain enigmatic or appear even futile -- pointless travail, goalless activity. For all we know, it is during or because of these that we then or later can fulfill our data processing task. I'm not sure of this but I suspect it.

I have read these 37 pages over and I'm amazed and delighted at the direction of my analysis. What an original system -- and, more important, a system at last commensurate with the revelations of 3-74. Always before, the exegesis plainly fell short of the experience it served to explain, or tried to explain. But at last, by the aid of the voice I have made bold clean strokes, radical ones. In this B model. After reading it over I can't fault it. Such wild disclosures as those of 3-74 require a wild explanation, not a conventional or customary one.


This is the paradox of "where should you most expect to find God?" A: "in the least likely place." I discern in this the following: "in point of fact you therefore cannot find God at all; he must -- will -- find you, and when and where you least expect it" -- i.e. he will take you by surprise, like the still small voice which Elijah heard. Or like oh Ho the ceramic pot. The Oracle may speak to you from the gutter (whatever "gutter" might mean in this context). So my writing -- itself part of the "gutter" and, as Lem says, "piling trash upon trash" -- may serve as the sort of gadfly kind of thing that Socrates considered himself to act as. My writing is a very unlikely place to expect to encounter the holy, the Koinos, the message-processing,Ubik-like ultimate entity.


Although I often write about the irreal (or hallucinated) world crowding out the real, the facts are exactly opposite: the real has irrupted into the irreal, literally broken through into it, like Ubik and Runciter into the cold PAC world of “Ubik”


So the introjection is not only sentient, flexible and alive but specifically negentropic. Then, indeed, the Voice is right in speaking of higher (mind) realm versus lower (physical), with the higher having "plenary" powers to make the lower "plastic" -- well put!


In Form I the system opens and authentic newness pours in from outside so that the psyche encounters -- not itself as world -- but the divine other rich with a mysterious infinitude of possibilities -- and the dialogue between the psyche and this authentic other begins and from there grows into a different sort of information exchange, which is not just the signal from the psyche boosted and enhanced and returned. That given psyche is now no longer essentially alone.


SCAN – Laura? 9 levels of reality


The AI voice is the voice of the brain/noos/living information which we have gotten cut off from by the sinking of this region of the brain into sub sentience and hence illusory (simulated) world -- where her voice is blotted out by the noise deliberately generated by the BIP (heavy metal particle).


Voice: the reason I have my agoraphobia as is because of the way I died, in a cage in a Roman Coliseum. I was strangled.


If I had not regained his lost wisdom by losing forgetfulness (Maya) I would doubt if there were any literal truth to the thing. (When I contemplate my system as such, I say, "it's fanciful.") But I did see the Golden fish and hear the words -- and I did lose forgetfulness. And when that happened, I not only remembered (e.g. a past life) but saw my world as simulated, and then experienced progressively eight layers of ever greater reality. Really, all I fail to explain is how come we have fallen into forgetfulness (ASP of this primal wisdom -- and lost some faculties entirely, and partially lost others). In my experience -- and system -- is neither new nor limited to the West. It was known to the ancients all over the world. Why is it as it is? Must we earn wisdom? Why is memory (and memory of wisdom) not natural?


The macrocosm (universe) -- microcosm (man) theory leads to the interesting idea that any given human mind contains latently within it the entire structure or soul of the totality, but in miniature; so all knowledge can be retrieved out of one person's mind through mirror-like “magic recollection”(Bruno) Hegel sees this as the collective unconscious: the repository of the phylogenic history of the person. Ontogeny contains phylogeny. This looks very much like my "onion" model in "Ubik” but in "Ubik” is the macrocosm whose phylogeny is recapitulated latently. This takes us back from Freud to Empedocles: "Freud invokes the contending forces love and strife of Empedocles, pointing out their similarity to Karros and destructiveness, the to primal elements of his bio psychical theory. These instincts, which present the delusive appearance of forces striving after change in progress, actually and tell the organism toward the reinstatement earlier, more stable states, ultimately to inorganic existence. The originally biological principle that ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny has received very wide psychological extension and psychoanalysis; most recently Carl Jung has identified his doctrine of the collective unconscious with that of "the microcosm containing the archetypes of all ideas."

If the macrocosm -- microcosm view is correct, the universe’s phylogeny is recapitulated in man's (any given man's) ontogeny -- and thus 3-74 is explained (phylogeny in terms of ideas or knowledge)


In “Ubik” the universe (not the organism, e.g. a man) is "impelled toward the reinstatement of an earlier, more stable state”(my form axis is real: it is a regression along the phylogenic recapitulation latent in its ontogeny – like Freud says about us humans). I may be the first person to perceive in (or consigned two) the macrocosm this phylogenic recapitulation (and regression due toThanatos or strife {cutoff to end}

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Then there is an occlusion, as Calvin says. And only Christ can lift the occlusion. Burroughs, too, in his own way is right. I was right when I wrote SCANNER. Restored memory, too, is involved. Visual perception, cognitive faculties, memory -- Calvin is right. These are what is known in s-f as "parallel worlds." What I call "coaxial worlds." Today is Good Friday and today I understand this once again, as I did in 1977. Inferno (Track A), Purgatorio (this track, Track B), and Paradiso (Track C, the Kingdom/Kingship). That which is revealed in COMMEDIA; that which the Sufis know.

Christ restored me and then, after one full year, I lost it. O weh! Verlorendes Heimatsland! As Tess correctly said: I relived Adam's Fall, the cruelest fate to overtake a person; to see God and then to see him no longer, to know what I have lost! And then not even, finally, to be able to remember! No wonder I cried when I read about Pan in WILLOWS. It set off memories, that night, and since then I have been bitterly wretched, and wondering why!

I just had a very startling realization. When I saw VALIS, especially what I called "pretextual cause," more was involved than discrete time frames that our minds turn into a flow by the projected modem of causation. I saw the very binary forking that my system envisions: instead of an A, B, C, D, etc. causal train, I saw (which is why I call it "pretextual cause") something initiated on the spot, not derived from antecedent reality; this was, apparently, the one phase amounting to a decision located at that point: newness, so-to-speak, entering ex nihilo (or giving the impression of entering ex nihilo). I saw volition, sentience -- which I've always realized -- but, more, I saw what I now conceive to be a decision, a choice, so that there literally was not, in fact, a causal chain. But since (as my view declares) there is an interruption in the continuity of the reality field, we are perceptually unaware of the disjunction during which, in which, the binary decision-making takes place. So it is possible that my accurate perception -- as if an occlusion had lifted -- was related to my anamnesis, my abnormally remembering the zero spaces between frames. I suppose it could be argued that very simply my neural firing was so rapid that I literally saw these

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Boehme yes - no Hartshorne 0 - 1 Quantitative (0 - 1) to qualitative (info)

While it's off it makes a decision.

While it's off reality ceases to be. When it comes back on it is slightly different. It (the system) doesn't transmit a zero bit; it (the system) ceases to be. This is when it makes a tentative move which it then cancels in favor of a better move; at every junction it discards an inferior move in favor of a better one; hence Leibnitz's view "this is the best of all possible universes." This is how a computer works. The 0 position is the void.

The 3 tracks. Something to do with a fall from a spatial world into time. Some relationship between time and Ananke, hence causation and astral determinism. Abolish time and you abolish causation hence Ananke. (Fate.) The Garden is fateless. Heidegger's authentic Being: true destiny instead of fate. My whole analysis of the other day that the Xtian does not evade, hence is free of time.

Time -- causation -- Ananke -- determinism -- Anankastic -- Yin world of immutable cause and effect the BIP -- Umwelt/tomb world -- winter -- dark -- iron space -- light -- vision -- color -- flying -- spring -- soaring.

There is a way of moving through time (fast? slow?) so that space increases, and causation hence Ananke diminishes with no

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Strictly speaking, the change is in him, in his ordering of world; but since in fact he + world are one continuum he would seem to experience it as a change in world itself. (Which is true, if you take the Cartesian view -esp. Malebranche- as to what our perceived "world" is). Causation is not a new ordering category; in fact it ruled the ancient world, esp. Babylonia; theirs was a totally closed deterministic world-order - into which Xtianity broke! They knew causation as astral determinism, fate, heimarmene. The ancient planetary powers, the stars (hence astrology). This was a cosmic analogy of their own imperial society: absolute despotism. World, like government held man in a relentless grip, reducing him to the status of a slave. The fall of Babylon equals (in Revelation) the fall of Empire as such. Is this, then, the fall of the determinist world-order, oppressive + imperial, the vast machine? Hence in it -a view scrupulously retained in Xtianity- God is totally transcendent to world + not in it? World + God are carefully, sharply distinguished (although God is conceived of as breaking into the world-order "at the end of time"? Then replacing causation (which operates in time) comes synchronicity, acausal + having to do with the now (universal interconnected structure in space, not time). In my "branching" system change occurs -is seen to occur- in a totally different way, as a succession of differing nows based on open (free) decisions like successive imaginings: at each

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streams of thought: Christianity and, well, philosophy-metaphysics-epistemology, whatever; all else, really, than Christianity; I suddenly have one overview which is (1) basically new and original; and (2) subsumes everything Christian and non-Christian into one daring structure. What is more, this structure will adequately account for my apperception of what I call VALIS, both in me and outside me, back in 3-74. So at this point I have synthesized my various streams of thought into a higher Gestalt and no longer have to vacillate back and forth between Christianity and non-Christianity, which is reason to suppose that I have finally hit on a model that truly represents, conceptually, what I experienced in the spring of 1974 and has puzzled me for over seven years.

All of a sudden a titanic idea (insight?) has struck me. VALIS was outside me in or as the external reality field; and VALIS was in me, in my mind, blended with my mind, or, perhaps, even as my mind. What if the true situation is: this is what is meant by "Christ consciousness" and it works this way: Christ enters you (never mind at this point how; up the optic nerve or some kind of alchemical hierarchy of opposites, etc., etc.); anyhow, this "Christ consciousness" which is in fact the Second Advent makes it possible for the first time in human history for human beings to discard the modem of causation (which I have shown, at least to my own satisfaction, dates back to Babylon, is in fact the astral determinism, or fate or ananke, etc. of the ancient world) as the basic ontological structuring category --by which world is ordered, arranged, understood-- and this Christ consciousness permits (again for the first time in human history) a much more accurate and acutely qualitatively different experience of reality... in which causality is replaced by an understanding of, apperception of, realization of, whatever, of what I call binary forking decision-making, a choosing system, the no-yes choice exercised volitionally, sentiently; this was always the case with world-in-itself (Kant's Dinge-an-sich) but there was no way by which humans could apperceive (comprehend, envision) it before. And this radically transformed experience (Dasein) of

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I sense a positive feedback loop, here. The evasion of reality delivers you over to tyrannical time, and tyrannical time carries with it the inevitable promise of your own annihilation, which is of course the very thing you are fleeing in the first place (das Nichts, nonbeing). Fate, then, as dismal destiny, is generated by a fear of fate. One would have to say, then, that in some real sense the BIP is autogenerated, not (I mean) by itself but by the percipient/participant, like his own prior thought-formations coming back as demons during his Bardo Thodol trip. In this context the message of the cross is: you can be annihilated and survive -- more than survive -- be lifted up newly made, made into a higher thing by the very act of annihilation. Again I perceive authentic Christianity as an antidote to the malady of evasive flight... which would make it an antidote to the malady of having to live in the BIP; in theological terms, then, Christ delivers you from hell; or, if you are in purgatorio, from that. Now, this brings me back to what I said to Michael Bishop about Gnosticism being a sort of "paranoid Cartesianism." Since we do not experience world directly (which Kant certainly verified) but rather a representation, is it not possible (and this argument was in fact presented to DesCartes, although I did not know it when I wrote Bishop) that a demon could insert a false and misleading picture of creation in our mind? I seem to be talking about exactly this; creation is the PTG; they are one in the same; we fell in the sense of suffering a sort of perceptual occlusion that cuts us off from creation as it is (which is what the First Book of Adam and Eve is talking about); this is all that is necessary to arrange our expulsion from the Garden, for the reasons the Cartesians give. How we see reality is going to determine what reality we are "in." So by having our faculties debased we are de facto expelled from the Garden; the Garden is still there, but we can't see it. This analysis suggests that our occlusion is adventitious. We did not do it to ourselves; it was done to us (there's no help from Sankara in this matter; as to the origin of the veil of maya he simply says, "It floats; it simply is there," for unknown and unknowable reasons). A restoration of our primordial, original senses and intellect would, then, reverse

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(or rather the) restored cosmos; and the old Babylonian astral determinism universe of inexorable fate and immutable cause-and-effect is the fallen cosmos -- from which we are saved. This would explain why I have been haunted by the impression that these binary forkings (where the indeterminate two-slit "freedom" element enters) constitute an invasion and penetration of the world-order by the camouflaged Cosmic Christ; what I have written on these last few pages actually points to that as a probability. Christ and causation are, then, at war; here is another form, perhaps the ultimate form, of the dialectic; the wise horn is yang; the wise horn is better; the wise horn is selected; the wise horn is, in essence, Christ himself penetrating the mechanism. But have I not said, Isn't it very possible that nothing has changed but our perception? Reality per se, in itself, is constant; only our experience of it changes. So all we need to do to get back into the Garden is to perceive the Garden. Yet we are incapable of doing this. In what sense, if any, can Christ be distinguished from our perception of reality-as-it-is? There is a dreadful circularity here; if we could experience the Garden we would be saved, but in fact we can't experience it so we are not saved. Something from outside must enter to remove the occlusion and this is Christ. It resembles what Heraclitus said about the necessity of discerning true reality by a process something like guessing a riddle or translating from a foreign language into one's own; that although men have the capacity to do so, they do not. This week I was, that one afternoon, back in the world of space; I don't know how I did it ... and then I was back here under the power of tyrannical, destructive time once more. And I don't know how that happened either. Someone must teach us how to do this or else do it for us. I who know about the Kingdom, who knows it is right here -- even I can't find my way (back) to it. Yet my "binary" model of the universe apparently calls for it, specifies its existence. It must be, it must truly be, that Christ does not in fact penetrate --invade-- the workings of the universe but, rather, invades our perception of the workings of the universe, the inner

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novel that it was the dream that caused me to figure out) that we are not dealing with God but with "magic," and what we call "magic" is actually a superior technology, and, as I say at that point in the novel, Zebra (VALIS) and the plasmate probably came here from the future, since it is in the future that such advanced technology most likely exists (if indeed it exists anywhere). Now, this whole business about the fairy queen --Diana-- and magic brings me (as it did in THE DIVINE INVASION) back to the Caballa and finally to YHWH. To repeat: the link between magic (the fairy kingdom) and YHWH --one would think there is no such link-- is the Caballa with its ten hypostases, the bottom one of which (Malkuth) I associate with the Spring Queen and hence the fairy queen, with her music and dancing. This would imply that the plasmate, the living information, is the Torah. And it may be that the cosmic body of Christ that I perceive world to be is the Tree of Life --the ten hypostases of God-- conceived as one human body ... with Christ as yesod, the particular hypostasis in which, by which and under which En Sof has revealed himself to me. And the AI voice, then, as Father Adams said, is ruah, the Spirit of God, which, like the Shekhina, is feminine. I can't help believing that the brief return of that Other World last week, that other way of being-in-world that I associate with 2-74 to 2-75, what I call the Palm Tree Garden, or as I now term it, the Spacial Realm, is connected with this being Easter Week (or it was; today is Easter Sunday, so it was last week). That entire week is holy to the Christian; it begins with Palm Sunday which reperforms Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. And I had just at that time --literally exactly at that time-- worked out --upon rereading "Chains ... Web" an extraordinary analysis of the Christian solution to hostile world expressed as fate: the cessation of evasion and flight, the entry into a purely spatial realm of the absolute now, which I connect with Heidegger's authentic being (Sein), a totally different Dasein that frees the person; and from this I worked to my revolutionary model of the binary switching system that I now conceive reality to be. Well, as I say, I figured out that the spatial realm is the one that

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and spiritual exhaustion I experienced on Monday night was unique; I remember telling Doris that I had only undergone something like it due to drug abuse. It was, then, qualitatively different from mere fatigue, even enormous fatigue. It ended in a clear and evident death. (2) The Spinner dream which anticipated this very event, the "loss of vision" by the Spinner (i.e. Spinner as writer; he can no longer narrate). (3) The murderous letter. (4) The brief period on Tuesday in the spatial realm that I had only a little while before (a few days) figured out was essentially connected with Christianity. (5) The sudden, unexpected and unprecedented completion of my artistic vision on Wednesday night, the night of the day the letter came; this, too, was not a quantitative event; it was ontologically different from anything I had ever experienced before (like the dying of my vision Monday night); and: it was based on revelation of the forking and the tentative zero firing, a sleep revelation. So I suffered and died, but after I died I was resurrected in terms of my world --the spatial world-- and in terms of my vision: my binary switching model of the universe, which I have later recognized as a model of the restored universe, restored by Christ; and I even identify this Dasein, this worldview, as "Christ consciousness"! What I am getting at is that all these facts add up in such a way as to suggest powerfully that indeed 1974 had to do with Christ, his suffering, death and resurrection. This time, this year, the relationship between myself, my life, what I underwent and experienced, and Holy Week (the passion, crucifixion and resurrection) is so evident as to virtually deserve the term explicit. I remember that on Tuesday as I drove around --while I was in the spatial world-- I noted, "Lord; how ugly things are/this city is/the world is." Which now strikes me as another perception of the BIP as our world; conversely, our world as the BIP. Our world seen correctly. Which is to say, the Empire. So once again I was back in Acts/TEARS/Track A. It seems to me that the fact that the order, the sequence of Holy Week was all jumbled up makes the argument for involuntary reperformance even more convincing, because

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worse world culminating in a truly dreadful fate. And that is why the system has cancelled that choice and gone for this alternative instead; if his world were better the choice, the initial choice, would be sustained. Anamnesis, then, of the kind I'm talking about, recovered memory of the prior zero phase, would have to be of a worse world; it could be no other way, by the nature of the thing. This may throw a new light on VALIS; like TEARS it may deal primarily with a world that we formerly lived in but which is being phased out, even has been phased out. But in a way that would make TEARS and VALIS of not just relative value but of absolute value, as records of another version of world, that version itself forever gone. How many records such as that do we have? Anyhow, the BIP is to some degree here, although to a lesser extent. Nonetheless, VALIS may show Thomas' viewpoint more than my own; we may have merged, and Thomas came out the victor. I have often speculated that the purpose of the pronoia of 2-3-74 was not to provide me with life but to provide Thomas with life. Due to the anamnesis both of us were rescued. That may have been the intent. Put another way, without the anamnesis I would have been rescued but would never have known by what or even the magnitude of the danger; it would have probably made no more impression on me than did the lethal letter of last week: something to deal with in one day and then forget. As it is, here I am seven years later still mulling it all over. And, also, here is Thomas, apparently: alive and well in me and as me. And out of this has come my life's summation and quest: I believe I saw the living Christ and seek to see him again. That may be Thomas in me / as me yearning for that, but also there may no longer be any distinction between the two of us; I now am Thomas and he is me. By "anamnesis" read "full anamnesis"; obviously I've had some residual memories of Track A all my life - hence my ten volume meta-novel (as I noted supra), and, especially, hence TEARS. In fact now it is possible to assert the single premise generating all my various preoccupations with what is real, what isn't, etc., my entire body of epistemological doubts: I know that there really is such a thing as tentative or provisional reality, and it can be cancelled in such a way that in a certain sense it never was there in the first place.

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I risked madness + death + terrible punishment in order for a moment to read the Book - with the ajna eye that I stole from Yaldabaoth, Lord (creator) of the world. I read the information that world is based on. I learned the secret from the Sibyl, the secret hidden from mankind. St. Sophia, Christ, Kyrios Pantocrator, is here; the Parousia is here. I told mankind, it can't be undone; I defeated world-fate (the Norns) by my heroic act; even Wotan, master of the runes who traded an eye for wisdom, could not do that. I overcame the Norns, the spinners of fate, + stole the secret kept from mankind; I am not a hero but the hero: I did this with Dionysos' aid. He rebels + bursts the prison. We did it; we killed the monster, stole the eye, read the Book of Fate, learned the hidden secret, stole it + gave it to mankind, + freed them with/by knowledge. We the Gods defeated Fate (Erda, the Norns). It was Wotan who conversed with me on 11-17-80. This was his plan: to use me to steal the 3rd eye from the Sibyl, read the Book + learn the secret. + give it to man. So I am Siegfried; the Knights Templer [Note] have succeeded in their plot through me. Via my writing - my books.

[Note] The Gnostics.

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In essence it is the Gods (Dionysos, Wotan, Christ) defeating Fate (Erda, the Norns) by killing the world monster (the creator Yaldabaoth / Palmer Eldritch) stealing the 3rd eye of the Sibyl / Polyphemus, reading the Norns' book, learning the secret, telling it to man, thus freeing him: the Parousia is here. Thus the RC brotherhood, the Gnostics, the Knights Templer, Wotan, the wise mind, have succeeded through me, the hero (Siegfried): Ptath, the tongue of the Gods. The clue: the Grail. I threaded the maze concealing / revealing it; I was summoned by the Blood itself, it called me to my task. Thus what I knew (that the Parousia is here) I stole; the AI voice told me so. I did it by my heroic deed; I succeeded as Wotan's hero. He manifested himself to me in 11-17-80. The Gods vs Fate (the book which I read with the 3rd eye that I stole; I learned the secret, the stolen secret, + told it: I was free of fate - I broke free in 3-74 due to Dionysos' help.) This time the Gods won over Fate. By telling the hidden secret the Gods overcame -changed- Fate, by revealing it to mankind. It is no longer secret. The Gods are mankind's friends. Fate - the Norns

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+ their book, strove to keep the truth from mankind. This was my task to steal the secret + tell it to mankind in a popular novel, I did so. The task is accomplished: mankind knows; Fate (the Norns) is defeated; the Book must now change in conformity to reality. It -the Book, Fate- no longer controls reality qua world, hence no longer enslaves man. We set man free; we broke the power of the BIP when we read the Book + told mankind the secret: that Kyrios Christos is here (King Felix). "Tears" was the book keeping the secret hidden from mankind. I read the book ("Tears") with the 3rd eye + told mankind in "Valis". I told it - the secret stolen by me, as an agent, a human agent, of Wotan, man's friend, thus Fate is overcome. "Tears" is not a message, a code, a revelation: it is the Book of Fate itself, the information that reality is based on. By means of the 3rd

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eye I read it, stole the secret + told it to mankind, by Wotan's aid. This was Wotan's victory over Fate; "Tears" is Fate's Book itself! "Tears" told mankind nothing. It concealed the truth from mankind, as Fate. Hence the AI voice said, "the secret stolen, through the angels, in one's hands"; i.e. in "Tears" I had the secret. "Tears" is the runes, + Wotan can read the runes; but Fate had acquired the 3rd eye by which the runes are read. I got hold of it for a short time. Hence I could see set/ground. __ Ghastly dream correcting this. A family on an old farm. The children are [called] "the spinners." The very ground itself is contaminated, poisoned, with [heavy] metals, so the children, "the spinners", are becoming blind. A little boy peers through a thick magnifying glass at the sun; he can barely see it. Soon he will be completely blind. Interpretation: The spinners are immortals who came here + were poisoned (heavy metal) + lost what I call "the third eye" (represented by the magnifying glass). The sun is Christ. Thus they, we, can no longer read the sacred writing (of Scripture): "the light went out" (divine revelation) not because God stopped sending it but because we have gone blind to it. Somehow I regained my sight in 3-74 + could read the sacred scripture in/as "Tears". Therefore "the

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I see that there is more to it (on the part of the Xtian) than the recognition (1) that defeat at the hands of world is inevitable (2) hence there is no point in trying to escape/evade/flee it. (Viz: there is no good luck vs bad luck; there is only hostile world that will defeat you in the form of fate (viz: man + world are pitted against each other + world always wins: that is the essence of that. Hence one should not try to escape because escape is impossible.) Here is the rest: this defeat by world-fate, to which he capitulates, recognizing it as invincible, does not matter to him. In a certain real sense although he is destroyed this destruction has no significance. This is no stoicism + it is not noble + heroic. Somehow the Xtian is delivered while alive out of the bondage of time (such as Sri Krishna depicts as his true self)... perhaps because he neither tries to evade or postpone his fate. He accepts his helplessness + does not contest world's power over him. Thus his defeat lies not in some future event but in the present -i.e. perpetual- unchanging relationship between him + world; this fate is always the case. He has analyzed himself + world + fully understands the absolute power of world over him, not

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relative power. He is in a prison. Why, then, does this not matter? Because he has an immortal soul? That can't be it. Somehow the cessation of flight qua cessation frees him from the tyranny of time. It has something to do with Heidegger's authentic Being which occurs after, + is ushered in by, dread. Dread ends when flight (evasion) ceases. At this point tyrannical time is abolished, since it no longer is the matrix/receptacle of the threatening. It may be that upon acquiring Sein he has completed himself, hence the future holds no threat because his real work is done: his task (which would have been expressed in the old days as "being saved by/through Christ, + knowing it for a certainty) is now redefined by Heidegger as authentic Sein. He has come out of time + into eternity. He is no longer merely becoming; there is no more; it is over + over successfully because he is. He has successfully reached the God of his life; world cannot kill him before that occurs, since it has already occurred. Fate kills him belatedly - too late to matter. This is precisely the sense I have developed (for reasons that have been obscure to me): that I have been successful, + if ("If"? When) when I did I will die fulfilled. What is aborted is not death but untimely death. + that is the issue vis-a-vis fate. Since

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the Xtian is ontologically perfected (authentic is authentic) death can't get him "before it's time". The fear of death is based on a sense of incompleteness, of mere becoming + not Sein, but by running from his fate the person delivers himself over entirely to process, i.e. becoming + never being. But if he knows he can't evade or postpone fate/death - then what he can do is acquire Sein, hence complete himself; hence death comes too late to defeat him (once he acquires "salvation" or Sein). Death reaps but it reaps nothing.

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have been reduced to the absolute bottom level of 0-1 in order to maximize the number of occasions at which it can introduce choosing + uncoupling). What is the advantage in this over simply being omniscient + choosing right the first time? (1) Perhaps it is not omniscient. Perhaps the future cannot be preknown. (I do not think this is the explanation. I think it is omniscient. It knows that its first choice is inadequate + will be -will have to be- cancelled, in favor of the alternative in some way that I can't fathom, it derives an ultimate yield from these perpetual tentative provisional "errors" which in fact are not errors at all. Zoroastrian bitheism derives from this dialectical interaction, in which the first choice is thesis, the second antithesis, out of which comes a higher synthesis. Apparently this is how something truly new -i.e. a net gain of "energy" expressed as form, etc.- gets introduced into the system so that it does not run down. This is precisely where enentiodromia enters. That is the secret of how you keep the system totally negentropic: the "one" alternative by virtue of following the "zero" first choice amounts to something other than it would had it been chosen initially; I am led ineluctably to this conclusion, due to having experienced Valis' mind. "One" is the opposite of the "zero" choice but that is not the whole story. Some kind of conversion is involved in which "zero" serves a purpose. Is this simply a cybernetics flip-flop? I can't give a glib answer; this problem has puzzled mankind for a million years. I saw it at work - so I know it both

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exists + works, but I can't fathom it. To the extent that "zero" has a mind, has intelligence, it can't figure it out. What about the principle (or notion) that "anything pushed far enough turns into its opposite"? Is this what's involved? By the way: this is not what the "Tao Te Ching" teaches; it teaches that everything returns to its source - not quite the same as enantiodromia, but something like it. Both notions deal with some kind of conversion if a thing presses far enough. This is what I saw the wise horn of the dialectic accomplishing. Evil moves first, gets to a certain limit + then is flipped into its opposite by the wise horn (through what looked to me like pattern-completion; the wise horn builds onto what its opponent has done; the wise horn converts though, basically, one datum -integer- added to the sequence, which converts the total sequence. Hence I say: the system knows that its initial move is the wrong one. It's supposed to be the wrong one. But this move expresses/possesses power. It is able to lay out its steps. The wise horn has little work to do; evil does all the work. This has to be mechanical power exerting thrust, dynamic thrust. It draws its power from antecedent cause. Well, I can't see how it's done; I give up. Nonetheless it is done; the initial move (zero) is always the wrong one + it always gets converted into its binary opposite - effortlessly. Only wisdom, not force, is necessary to cause the conversion. This is absolutely vital. No energy at all is needed to cause the conversion. Yet it does not occur of its own accord.

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off, uncouples, ceases to be: might (the total force of the past, which is "astral determinism, fate, causation) has emptied itself into the boundless void harmlessly; the void so-to-speak accepts the blow, which is now not passed on, since the system is disjunctive (+ it is now possible to see what purpose is served by these disjunctions!). The Mind then chooses; the system pulse-phases back on, slightly different, now. What I am saying is that the system has to fire as it fired, wrong as it is (+ the Mind knows it is wrong). Something must become of this accumulated force. It thus expends itself... into the void (which is why the system must turn off momentarily). Now, it having come back on but slightly differently, that is, changed, we have a procession of discrete, unique frames comprising the reality-process. Here is where, precisely where, the human mind falls into its crucial self-destructive, occluding error. It reasons backward, from "effect" to "cause," which is not logical but, instead, is based on a perception of that that is. (Hume's "custom.") A fatal erroneous presumption is made, that I discerned back in the late Forties, viz: if Y follows X, Y must be caused by X. This argument -to the extent that it is argued at all- is totally circular. The tragedy, however, does not lie with/in what is wrongly perceived + "understood" but, rather, with what is obscured by this modem. Without

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instance I knew that God (or some supernatural agency) was working directly on me + in fact in me, as me. I have always said (regarding 3-74) that one vast lesson I derived from it is that God can absolutely engram you with a signal-stimulus, + you will do what he intends for you to do, although you will wrongly suppose that the stimulus/signal was the cause (qua world). You will not realize you are being directly worked on by God. It is impossible to conceive of what I call "the clutch" without conceiving of the agency or entity who purposefully + sentiently uses the clutch in regard to causing world to impinge, or seem to impinge, on you (in point of fact he impinges on you, as Malebranche figured out). To distinguish between God causing the universe to be real + causing you to take it as real -the latter regarded as legitimate + appropriate creating of reality- is the essential view of Malebranche; it is the heart of his system. This distinction -+ a recognition of the second as the case- is simply not fathomed by humankind; that it is indeed what is going on.

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"Valis," then, contains veridical perceptions about reality + God (amid the rubble, as it were). Perceptions that only occur to someone who had been cognitively blind his whole life long - + then, suddenly, became sighted (this explains why my "two signal discrimination" eventually wore off; I adjusted). (My inner visualization of the true Xtian facing Fate / death / reality was of a person (woman?) with absolutely still, calm eyes, as in a Renaissance religious painting.) (Like Michelangelo's Eve seeing Adam being brought to life by YHWH.) (Pure, undivided, unflinching observing; interesting: the true Xtian views destruction / annihilation (Fate) with the same impassive calm as he does creation!) My corpus -up to "Valis"- chronicles a lifelong flight from [seeing] reality due to chronic fear. "Valis," however, chronicles a turning-around + facing / seeing / confronting reality - Heidegger's sein, or, as I conceive it, the authentic Xtian experience per se. + in fact I actually say this in "Valis": "I had, I realized, always been a corny cartoon character, always running." Out of fear of annihilation (das Nichts) I endlessly ran, + so never was (had sein). This explains the time dysfunctions in 3-74 + then the vastly spatial world (vide my analysis of time as tyrannical, the axis of flight; whereas space is the axis of being); this might also explain why I could discern pretextual cause - i.e. occasionalism because of a stupendous ontological conversion of time into space.

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My good God - in the Cartesian system (esp. Malebranche) I literally had been blind all my life + could in 3-74 for the first time see! Only when understood in Cartesian terms can this be fathomed as intelligible (viz: the problem must first be apprehended; what is truly meant by "blind" + by "seeing"!) The significance of the compelling of assent looms large for me because of my insidious chronic doubt ("you are not the doubter; you are doubt itself"). I suppose that this somehow involves pistis, although not as normally envisioned; my doubt is, for very evident reasons, Descartes' philosophical doubt (allied to questioning, + to skepticism, the search for something indubitable, in terms of rationalism, this is, sorry to say, a rather sophisticated form of doubting, hence obdurate). I had asked, "If God is going to perform a miracle, why does he go through pro forma causation?" This is indeed a vigorous question, since "miracle," by definition, refers to a suspension of natural law (i.e. why wait for + depend on a pretextual cause when he would know -being omniscient- that you the percipient could / would discern it as merely putative?). To obtain an answer to this question would have eternally baffled me had I not happened onto occasionalism, which put me in mind of Hume + my own intuition about the spuriousness of causation (back c. 1948). What I experienced in 3-74 (1) as Valis + (2) the "Strawberry Fields" info about Chrissy

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absolute assent (what I have formerly deemed a perpetual-cognitive occlusion. While this is in a sense correct, on the other hand, we have to consider the purpose of this tailoring of our percept- + cognitive-systems to, so-to-speak accomodate the signal, so I believe myself to be right in having discerned an occlusion, but were this to be the purpose, one would have to re-evaluate it. It is essential that the representation be experienced as absolutely not relatively real, I construe this as connected with God as creator (insofar as we are concerned this pragmatically is the primary act of cosmogenesis itself, the rest being from our standpoint metaphysical, theoretical + perhaps (if Kant is right) even intrinsically unknowable since it deals with the thing-in-itself). Therefore I deem it correct to say that yes I have been correct in saying (as I have periodically) that 3-74 represented the lifting of an occlusion from me so that I saw reality either more accurately or (if this is possible) "as it really is" - this owing to me suddenly facing reality for the first time (v. supra). What was presented to me was an inscrutible picture of what resembled living information, a unitary field, pre-synchronized self-initiating transformations, rest-motion modes, etc, all that I endlessly dilate on, the upshot being that (1) I could not figure out what I was seeing + (2) I could not communicate what I had seen. Herein with these two points lies the difficulty. All that I could fathom was that the conventional picture that we normally get -+ same to share- is not in fact what is there; what is there is not even in time or space, nor is causation involved. There seems to be a mind + we are in it - But even now after 7 years of mulling it over I am as baffled as ever. Hence the utility

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maze in camouflaged form; secretly he is here with us. There is no way that we on our own can outsmart the maze because by trying to solve it (i.e. by perceiving it) we cause it to increase in its power to compel our assent (since in some way that I can't fathom we ourselves generate it!) (What an ingenious maze: the efforts + the problem-solving by those trapped in it are what it derives its power + complexity from! THE DIVINE ILLUMINATION ABOLISHES THE TIME-AXIS WHICH IS THE RECEPTACLE OF BEING ALONG WHICH + IN WHICH THE MAZE GROWS MORE POWERFUL + COMPLEX; IT FREEZES THE MAZE, + THIS TIMELESS FREEZE IS WHAT PLATO CALLED "THE FORMS." IT IS AS IF THE MAZE AS A LIVING ORGANISM IS SLAIN. (This relates directly to my supra realization about evasion, evasive flight in time versus Xtian confronting fate - a purely spatial world. Upon this abolution of the time axis the person is out of the maze. IT IS THE STRATEGY OF THE MAZE TO CHANGE, + this is done in time. "He causes things to look different..." etc.

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Then what I saw in 3-74 was the MAZE FROZEN, hence causation VANISHED. When it is frozen, you can follow the THREAD out of it. This thread leads you -not through space- but upward in the realms that Dante describes; you begin vertical ascent (as in Neo-Platonism: BIP to this world to PTG.) We generate the maze ourselves. It increases along the time-axis. Plato's anamnesis is recognition of the maze as familiar + that the past is not the past: the time-axis is irreal + from this [axis factor] the maze DERIVES its power over us, thus to remember is to FREEZE THE MAZE, rob it of its time-axis + hence its power (which is a positive feedback loop based on our own perception of it, a perception that creates it - along the time-axis in constant living change. (Its axis of growing power to compel our assent.) (Synonymous with the degree of its reality.) By anamnesis we cause the maze to stand still, under which circumstances we can find our way out of it, since, because we are not fleeing-evading, the maze is no longer changing; its weapon that causes us to flee, thus generating time, hence causing the maze to grow + change, is fate / our fear of fate (annihilation). How can we cause ourselves to cease

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