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Palmer Eldritch ......vs...... Ubik (center) ...................... (trash layer : true divine power) Satan in power ................ YHWH (Logos) evil .......................... on the periphery sacraments!.................... cheap TV ads!

......Both are everywhere!......

Author of irreal worlds ....... Reality - My God: it's specifically stipulated that Ubik is the -not a- reality support! ("He causes to exist whatever exists", functional description of YHWH!)

The underlying secret (cf "Hamlet" + "The Bacchae") is that the true king (YHWH) (Ubik) has been deposed + an impostor (Palmer Eldritch) rules in his place, as [if he were] him. ("Bacchae" - "The Christ Story" - "Hamlet" - "Tears" - + also "Stigmata" + "Faith.") That's part one. Part two is that the true God (YHWH, Ubik) has filtered back in on the periphery. But the impostor is at the civil + church center. Thus people think they are worshipping Christ-YHWH-Ubik but aren't; they are under a spell (of delusion - which Christ/YHWH freed me of in 2-74). The acosmism of my writing may stem from the fact that Belial spins out irreal worlds; + only the world


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carries the news of the second advent which is the in-breaking of YHWH (the dream). This time he will be successful: this is the "final world" i.e. outcome battle: final determining conflict (invasion by YHWH: Valis). The dream: The posse "... sparkles in the sunlight." Taverner: "...in the... darkness," killed. This is God leading the army of Light to successfully kill the leader of the army of Darkness. Sunlight vs darkness. Palmer Eldritch can't be YHWH because he spins irreal worlds. Likewise the "Xtian" God in "Faith": these writings unmask the true nature of the god who is worshipped as YHWH but is an evil impostor: the metal visage I saw in the sky: the god of this world: anti-YHWH, against whom YHWH has come to do final battle. In "Valis" the whole idea is that there is an incumbent god who is irrational, + another God, Valis, who is rational, invades. My recent revelation identifies this invading (successfully "transplanted") God as YHWH. His invading is a return by him after being shaved out, at the time of Acts. When you think about it, isn't it logical that the in-breaking God is Yahweh? It fits Biblical prophecy.


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There is no other deity who is foretold as going to in-break! + St. Sophia is the wisdom of, specifically, YHWH. In fact my whole acosmism is a perception that the God we worship is not "he causes to exist whatever exists" specifically. It is my key insight by which I unraveled the mystery of, "what is wrong?" Ubik, is however, "what causes to exist;" therefore YHWH. + then my insight that Valis is an invader! + turning the irreal into the real! __ My whole experience was based on anamnesis. The anamnesis was based on, upon 2-74 happening, remembering that it had happened before (deja vu, which is to say, anamnesis). I then remembered the world of "Tears" which I then saw. Apparently I was retracking my life like replaying a phonograph record. This is why the 2 CP missives appear in "Faith." {Note} This is why Valis + an explanation of Valis appears in "Ubik." This is why the previous track which I remembered in 1974 appears in "Tears" which I wrote in 1970; it only makes sense if I was tracking a second time: a coaxial but higher world. Right now I am reading over "Ubik"; beyond doubt it is based on 3-74, but 3-74 was memory (restored memory) of having lived before, in the worlds I wrote about. The resemblance between Ubik + Valis just proves this realization is true.

{Note:} + this is why I could solve the problem of what to do vis-a-vis the Xerox missive on the spot.


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I.e. the soul doesn't have to leave the body in death. Since the other levels are spacially co-axial; which fits with my seeing the double superimposition with "Tears." I wasn't seeing that world for the first time (2-74) since it is described in "Tears." Is it this world "really"? Is it a parallel world? Is it the past? Is it a cancelled alternate track? The answer lies in Thomas. If it was this world really, Thomas wouldn't have taken me over, along with his memories. It therefore probably is a cancelled alternate track fading briefly in. I didn't remember it (from the past); no - I became someone with appropriate memories of it: experience + familiarity with it. But in a sense it is for me in the past because I lived through it, + now track the same time-segment again; this is why it shows up in my writing (e.g. "Ubik," "Tears," "Faith") + why I remembered it: but "Tears" is in the present. + this explains the acosmism + why "3 Women" affected me so; I experienced something exactly like "3 Women"! In "Ubik" due to Pat Conley there is a fading out of one present world + a fading in of another. Because the past was changed - which is how I account for the alternate present tracks.


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So 2-3-74 was a waking up on my part. Remembering + correctly seeing. The 2 things necessary in order to discern a dream as dream + not reality. For the first time it occurs to me that 2-3-74 may have been a malfunction in that I (sic I) remembered, + so was able myself to thwart my doom. The material in "Faith of" + "MITHC" shows that I had already lived through it all before. 2-3-74 didn't mimic my prior writing; my prior writing was based on inadequate erase of memory. My novels were attempts to give a coherent account of our situation (e.g. "polyencephalic fusion," etc). So that the info-recycled memory world covers -is within- another, greater world, the one we are really in/at. This latter is the world of "Tears," which I saw when the memory-info world broke down: ceased to function any longer as world. (For me.) Prison. We blew it up, so it's not set in the past, but the recycled memory info is fed to us at hyper speed, like a log spiral. It is a high speed system, as I realized supra. You must slow down to get out of it. The self in the real world lives many consequative life times in this high speed world. What if we lead the same life over + over again, as in "Tempunauts"? With variables introduced newly each time? __ I say it's an information machine, audio + video (written words, AI voice). This is the bottom line. I am in touch with the basis of the universe, not just a part of it. This is the


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