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return to the sentence, I believe T is implied. Then we can fathom the experience of the syntonic superimposition. Because A (Acts) + B (USA 1974) are not separate in time (nor evidently in space either), + if they are not separate in space + time there is no reason why they couldn't be syntonically superimposed since no change + no time have actually passed. The sentence explains the experience, + the experience is proof, empirical proof, of the sentence (if the sentence is true you can infer that such syntonic superimposition of A + B would be possible; if the sentence is false, it could not possibly be. But it is, + the sentence is proved (empirically) true. I'll take a gigantic leap + say: "external reality" is actually a direct impinging by God onto or into our percept systems of the impression that world is out there (v. the Buddhist idealists). This impression can be synchronized among x number of percept systems so that the persons experience the same space-time world, but it can be varied for x people, + they will experience a different space-time world even though there is in fact no actual space-time difference for x + x in the sense that x + x are all "here" + all "now" but x gets impingment A, + x gets impingment B + so forth to infinity. So I am saying, world does not arise


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{59} Memory returned to me in 2-3/74 and things looked the same, not different. The voice didnâ??t say, â??make things differentâ? but â??look different.â? Merely look. It is a seeming change. Permutations of seeming, of appearance. But itâ??s counterfeit. The â??thingsâ? are really a constant (e.g. the Empire). The goal: to make it appear (sic) that time has passed, but not time has passed. (v. â??Stigmataâ? and the counterfeit worlds in which no time passes). He (â??James-Jamesâ?) has the power to cause changes. Itâ??s like a movie in which the illusion of motion is created artificially. Here, there is a flow of change â?? of looking different â?? from which we falsely (are induced to) assume the passage of time, but for me in 2-74 I remembered that it still is c. AD 45. 1.) This is not necessarily true, about the axis. There may be no axis and no motion, just a progression of lookings different. Our brains are signaled as to these appearance changes with the result that we see what looks like USA 1974 but is not. The situation is worse than I

{60} had thought. I donâ??t know if even Gnosticism covers it. â??Thomasâ? is not a former life but my actual life now. 1) It covers the standard amount of years (of a normal human lifetime). What happened in 3-74 is that I woke up to reality. But it has these counterfeit accretional layers over it. Our sense of time â?? of the passage of time â?? is the result of our scanning the changes of appearance, we record the changed along a linear memory-strip, sequentially (digitally). We derive the idea of time from sequential memory (of permutation or fluctuation): it is linearized in our brains. Our brains are so constructed as to linearize sequences so sequential seeming (i.e. aspect) permutations of an actually supratemporal constant trick our brains into this linearization (sense of actual passage of actual time). We derive our sense of how much time (whatever that may be) from the rate of change; therefore if change could be speeded up to â??, thousands of years (sic) could be compressed into an actual month (so so). Use of LSD has brought this to our attention. This makes me think of the furious rate of permutation of the phosphene â??graphics.â? Was the entire remainder of the â??Karmicâ? tape run? It could be â?? have been â?? hundreds or thousands of years of tape â?? â??burned upâ? and hence abolished. However much remained. Well, in that case Iâ??m spared living all my future lives. 1.) â??Ignorance can be thought of as forgetting the true self.â? â?? Eliade

{61} So rapid-firing aspect changes give the deliberately misleading impression of time-passage. All that is necessary is to cause things to look different (i.e. in sequence). This accounts for the perplexing synthetic quality of the two space-time continua which simply cannot be explained if there is true change and true time. The goal is to simulate time {passage}. Why? To give the spurious impression that the Second Advent did not occur. â??â?Šso itâ??d appear time has passed.â? The basic lie, then, is not the â??realityâ? but the impression vis-à-vis time that that â??realityâ? gives; i.e. century after century of {what is really false} time. Meanwhile, like in â??Stigmata,â? we are prisoners of the master magician to do with as he wishes â?? except for the in-breaking (as in â??Ubikâ?) of salvific messages and aid (specifically aid which extricates -- a primary form would be the awakening of us to our true situation * true selves (our true selves are inhabitants of Rome c. A.D. 45, i.e. Acts)). (and Acts is our true world.) True self and true world canâ??t be separated nor can false self and false world. In the age of iron Siddhartha (Brahman) sleeps, we sleep also. As we awake, he awakes; weâ??re him (He is us). But the age of iron does not progress into the age of gold sequentially; rather, the landscape of the age of iron wakes up and is transmuted into gold along its extent (orthogonally), like a sort of brain whose stations turn from dark to light the new heaven and the new earth replace the old (are substituted for). The phosphene activity would be what I call the inner tape (ego) firing into a void, totally out of synch with the outer tape (world) which continued at its normal rate, thus it used itself up.

{62} I must keep in mind that this happened after I experienced anamnesis the month before (i.e. woke up briefly â?? that was the day I received the Sodium Pentathol). The Bardo Thodol lights/colors came before the phosphenes: the between lives period. So it was already running ahead. Yes, I was programmed to die soon after March 1974, but the 2-74 anamnesis interrupted that. Meanwhile, I was left with a world which I was not inner-out synch-locked into. Meanwhile, full memory returned â?? of Acts, and of my celestial self and life, and I could see the savior/messenger who now attacked the outer â??tapeâ? â?? i.e. causal trains â?? i.e. external world, since the menace to me emanated there (the Xerox missive and various illnesses). Nothing I have ever seen was as startling as to see Zebra melting causal trains, reality itself. So once the inner tape had been run out at fast forward the outer tape was attacked. However, this left me rudderless in the world. During the interim period â??Thomasâ? ran things â?? he seems to have spring up from deep inside me, released and restored by virtue of anamnesis. Possessing the wisdom he possessed, he did not need to be driven by a tape. Yet I am advised not to think of this as an override, but as the culmination of a long process: â??You were doomed to be saved. There was no other possibility. Determinism determined determinism to end.â? The tape consumed itself â?? it programmed itself to switch to unsynched fast forward and so play out all future lives in a matter of light hours. It was planned from the beginning to meet the Xerox missive with Thomas, not with the tape. Mind confronted the Xerox missive, as if it (mind) has trapped the trapper, has cured it premeditatively.

{63} The thing is, I would never have seen (or used) the Xerox missive as an opportunity on my behalf. This was impossible since I did not know who had sent it â?? could not know: it was masterfully disguised â?? in fact perfectly. No internal evidence gave any clue to its source & hence its meaning or intent: i.e. what it was. I am now told that it was a U.S. Army forgery, and so the meaning and intent can be inferred unerringly â?? and what response (out of all possible ones) would benefit me (in the normal spectrum none would have). Since lying is impossible by the divine, I had to be sincere in what I wrote the Bureau. Therefore I could not know at the time what I know now. (Even then I recognized my occlusion as necessary but did not know why.) Had I known, I would have had to engage in artful duplicity, which the divine ruled out. It waited years to tell me, when knowledge was academic. Since it was a U.S. forgery, it was to my advantage, & mine only, to sense it to the Bureau. No KGB agent was flushed â?? the U.S. Intelligence Services did not benefit, as they would have had it indeed been Soviet, as I supposed it to be. I was the sole beneficiary; thus the mind-response was for my sake. Unless I am to suppose mind overruling itself (monism) I must assume a dualism: divine mind vs. the {evil} adversary, for which read Xtianity vs. the Empire. It must be kept in mind that my published writing presents the saving gnosis (truth about ourselves and our actual situation). In particular, the fifth

{64} savior is being prepared for (Part II of the Siddhartha book). â??Tearsâ? probably contains ciphers referring to this (King-Felix). Then I am a messenger. My writing is a letter designed to subliminally remind people, but only in conjunction with the other messages, not by me. Recognizing my role as messenger I can make more sense out of the anomalous â?? or nearly anomalous â?? fact of my 2-3/74 anamnesis and all it brought me. I merely passed over from unconscious messenger to conscious (as in â??Deus Iraeâ?). My maximus opus â??Valisâ? will be consciously formulated: restored man, redeemed Xtian superman, with his powers, knowledge and faculties intact â?? and the process of metamorphosis. It could not be written from an unconscious standpoint. Maybe it canâ??t be written at all. Wait. Siddhartha. There is the handle: to cast it in a non-Xtian but Gnostic mold â?? rather than Empire-dominated orthodoxy. I will present it was the Buddha, or, even better, as it is: I will depict the fifth savior not identifying him with any of the previous four. He, the 5th savior, must supersede the previous four and be unlike them (be Pantocratos {?})/ But what a task! Am I Elijah coming before him & preparing the way, as John the Baptist did? Elijah must come first â?? and, as I told Tom Disch, I originally felt it was Elijah who had taken me over â?? maybe it was, and for this purpose. Yes -- consider my overwhelming intuition

{65} at the time â?? I was sure of it. I knew it. And the Elisha & â??Alto Carmelâ? dreams. The way I figured it, he had returned as John the Baptist and hence was so afraid of the Romans, despite his fiery vigor. And I put out the cup for him â?? and I bought that book which told how he enthused people at Easter time. And the dream about Elias! (Bowed in sorrow at the Xerox letter not being returned to those who sent it.) I still have the drawing of Elijah up on my bedroom wall. Then Elijah scourged this land (re the Empire, i.e. Nixon) to pave the way for the 5th savior who, uniquely, will be Lord and Judge. Thus, almost 5 years later, I return to my original, initial view about who took me over â?? but this time on scriptural ground; viz.: because I know it prepared the way for the 5th savior who is soon to come, or has been born already. I long have forgot the ferocity of â??Thomasâ? â?? he was anything but meek. He was like a whirlwind. He was like the IRA itself. After all, he hurled down the Western Empire, pitting himself against the modern King Ahab. He made the land acceptable to God. â??A record was written before {the Lord} of those who feared him and kept him name in mind. They shall be mineâ?Š and I shall spare them as a man spares the son who serves himâ?Š the day comes, glowing like a furnace; all the arrogant and the evil-doers shall be chaffâ?Š but for you who fear my name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in his wings, and you shall break loose like calves released from the stall. On the day that I act you shall trample down the wicked

{66} for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet. Look, I will send you the prophet Elijah, before the great and terrible day of the Lord comesâ?Š --- In â??Deus Iraeâ? I identify the Xtian God with Apollo. (â??The head Apollo is about to return.â?) --- Elijah will come first â?? before the Messiah and â??restore all things.â? Vis-à-vis 2-3/74 I felt that everything I had lost had been restored; v. the trophy and washerwomen dream. Well, it was my state of exculpation â?? exemption from suspicion by the state, the authorities â?? was restored, etc., and much more. And the pain of those bad earlier years washed away. And it was Elijah who heard the â??still small voicesâ? such as I hear. It says in 1 Kings that Elijah â??was afraid and fledâ? and he was suicidal at times. Mainly, he stood in opposition to the government (King Ahad), he sent back two parts of his spirit to Elisha. --- EB: â??Victory over astral determinism is a victory over time (and destiny) {1}. This info is important, since, for me in 2-3/74, the breaking of â??astral determinismâ? over me was accompanied by what appeared to be a dysfunction or perturbation or even dissolving of time (i.e. it was no longer 1974), and because of this I viewed time as irreal (it became so for me, anyhow). The lower level (reality) of necessity, of immutable (yin) cause and effect was invaded for volitional mind. This stamps my sense of the breaking of â??astral determinismâ? with the seal of authenticity. {1} and according to the E.B., this is the main purpose of Gnosticism.

{67} Q: What is the relationship between â??astral determinismâ? and time? It is because causality functions within and only within time? E.B. on time perception: â??A hypnotized subject may be exposed to two clicks that delimit an objective. 10 second interval but is told that it lasts 10 minutes. On being asked to count objects for 10 minutes he may report having counted several hundreds without difficulty over what the experimenterâ??s stopwatch shows to have been 10 seconds. (An objection, â??He only thinks he counted several hundredsâ? is meaningless, because we are talking about perception, not time itself. And this is what I am talking about â?? not time but our perception (experience) of it.) E. of Ph.: (time, consciousness of) â??Our consciousness of time: â??Flowâ?? is our consciousness of things changing.â? To quote the AI voice again: â??He causes things to look different so itâ??d appear time has passed.â? Letâ??s totally analyze this, since it agrees with the E. of Ph. 1) He. There is a conscious, volitional entity with the power to cause. 2) causes. His power. 3) things to look different. Not â??beâ? but â??lookâ?, i.e. look to us, appear to us phenomenologically. 4) so very important. Purpose; what for follows. 5) itâ??d appear. He deceives us. 6) time has passed. Since it only appears to, it must in fact have not. â??things to look different.â?

{68} Stances for â??observable change.â? We deduce from the â??observable changeâ? â?? which is really him causing things to pass through successive changes of appearance to us â?? that â??time has passed.â? Now, is it possible to imagine any way that things could be caused to look different (to us) without them actually changing? Yes. Examples: 1) Under the influence of a drug, a completely unchanging object can look successively different. 2) Viewpoint of the observer can cause an object or objects to look different as that viewpoint changes. 3) Summary: changes in the observer can cause â??things to look different,â? i.e. change. Limited to and in the observer. But maybe â??look differentâ? isnâ??t = to â??look different to us.â? They actually do look different i.e. present changing aspects. The notion of time is abstracted from things changing? No, from things looking different; these two statements are not identical. There stands between them a universe. A study of the proposition â??our consciousness of timeâ??s â??flowâ?? is our consciousness of things changingâ? is inaccurate: â??things looking differentâ? is correct. We canâ??t say they change, only that they look different (or, appear to change; but â??appear to changeâ? doesnâ??t equal â??changeâ?). The proposition should read, â??our consciousness of timeâ??s â??flowâ?? is our consciousness of things looking different.â? Which, as I wrote supra, we linearize. But suppose it is a revolving sphere. Well, we linearize that, even though it repeats its looking different. Linear time is a conception, not a perception (v. the cyclical concept of the Great Year.) However, the thrust of the AI voiceâ??s statement is that â??heâ? wants us to think time has passed; this is the objective, his purpose. Causing

{69} things to look different is a stratagem, a means to that end. Here the 10 second-10 minute hypnotized subjectâ??s ability to count objects in the hundreds comes in, only it is reversed: he is told that more time exists, and because of that he can see (effect) more changes. What of his experimenter has said, â??You will count 300 objects and when you have finished, ten minutes will have passed,â? â?? or rather, â??300 objects will pass before you, and when the 300th has passed, 10 minutes will have elapsedâ? â?? and then, first, 300 objects are shot past in 10 seconds of RET, and then one hour of RET. Still, the experiment as stated proves that we can be made to experience time in elastic ways. But the way our time perception {rate} is actually controlled is by the causing of things to look different: this is the regulator. I say, if the rate of things looking different speeds up we will think more time has passed, because we have no other yardstick (e.g. a hypertime) to measure it by. Here, the E. of Ph. statement essentially agrees with the AI voice, and is borne out by the E.B. experiment. In fact, the E.B. experiment is grotesque because it is not possible to count objects in the hundreds in ten seconds â?? so what really happened? Either the subject imagined he counted in the hundreds or â??well, itâ??s absurd, like a dream. Reality itself, including the subject, is abolished, he is no counting at all. This proves that lacking the regulator of â??things looking differentâ? he would have no time sense â?? not just a faulty one but none. Time would cease, and with it reality as we know it. The E.B. experiment bears out what I present in â??Stigmata,â? by the way, which is the real point Iâ??m getting at, if it can be demonstrated that many events can be experienced in little or no RET, then

{70} what is meant by â??timeâ?? Simple things looking different. But (as I say) since this looking different is the sole regulator, without which time ceases, then flow-rate is only a tautology for rate at which things look different, and what is this rate measured against? If it speeds up, what does it speed up in relation to? Or if it slows down, in relation to what? Clearly the things looking different is the sole arbiter, and is not in relation to any other standard. The E.B. speaks of â??history acceleratingâ? â?? and this at an accelerating rateâ?Š the approach of the climax foreseen intuitively by the prophet is being felt, and feared, as a coming even. Its imminence is, today, not an article of faith; it is a datum of observation and experience. Well, this accelerating acceleration is being measured against clock time â?? but if clock time were also accelerating, and at an accelerating rate, I say we would not know. So things caused to look different exerts a total temporal power over us. That (or he) which causes things to look different controls our sense of how much time has passed, so through this mechanism heâ?? But what if things suddenly look the same as {once} before? Then we assume time has reverted â?? obviously. But has it? Things have reverted to a prior looking, but does look = are (esse)? Obviously not. All the observer has is phenomenology and he can be caused to see things look different, and in what way, or the same (as before) and in what way. He will hypostatize reverted time out of this looking, and hypnosis disclosed that

{71} how things look to us is not under our control (v. â??He causes things to look different.â? He, not us). Nor do they look different on their own; this is an adventitious volitional act on things by him. Does he affect the things or us? The sentence doesnâ??t say, but look it is, not are. 1) Hence an unchanging actuality behind or within things is pointed to. 2) And it is outside the temporal process, which is just an abstraction from the looking different, anyhow. 3) We are being deceived: i.e. kept ignorant of this unchanging actuality. Now, I point out, even if it is correctly said to be unchanging, it may not always have been â?? one canâ??t infer that, nor that it will always remain unchanging, any more than if you look in the mouse cage and the mouse is dead he must always have been dead. But how would the changing of this order of reality different from what we now see? The key words are â??look differentâ? which I maintain does not equal â??changeâ? â?? whereas I believe â??look the sameâ? probably does equal â??donâ??t change.â? As the E.B. hypnosis experiment indicates, an unlimited number of â??look differentsâ? can be crowded into a miniscule amount of RET and the observer (subject) is none the wiser. As the E. of Ph. article and the AI voiceâ??s statement show, he would not suppose that â??look differentsâ? were occurring faster but that more time has passed â?? he would tailor the sense of time flow (whatever that means) to the â??look differents.â? I rest my case for counterfeit time.

{72} But back to the Q on p. 67, the relationship between astral determinism and time. Time is now seen as a hypostasis of â??look differentsâ? so it is the â??look differentsâ? which are connected to astral determinism. 1) The â??look differentsâ? are not merely observed by the subject but include him as part of them. 2) The â??looks differentsâ? are controlled by this â??heâ? who â??causes them.â? 3) Therefore he controls the subject(s). Presumably, if the â??look differentsâ? reverted to a prior state, so would the subject, since he is part of them like any other part. 1) Then if there was a reversion to prior state c. AD 45 whatever subject perceives this would himself revert, which is palpably absurd â?? but so is the external reversion, by any known system or standard we know of. 2) I saw a reversion to Rome c. AD 45. 3) I reverted in conjunction. What I saw was my world (inc. customs and language in me: a total, different, appropriate to this place and time me). 4) Therefore my self (ego) is a mere â??lookingâ? or aspect of seeming. And I am under â??hisâ? control, whoever â??heâ? is. 5) This is astral determinism; it does not just determine what my world seems to be but what I seem to be (both experienced incorrectly as esse). So astral determinism doesnâ??t just control my fate as outcome or final state of my life, or even the course of it, but what I see objectively and experience myself to be. 1) Therefore being freed from astral determinism could involve freedom from the world I am in

{73} (â??Geworfenheitâ?) but my self as well; I would lose both. 2) In 3-74 I did â?? both. Q: What world replaces the astral determinism world? A: I can only speak of my experience, the answer is the world of Acts. Q: What self replaces the astral-determinism self? A: I can only speak of my experience; it was someone else, at the world of Acts, who I call â??Thomasâ? (he is as different from me as Acts is from U.S.A. 1974). I canâ??t extrapolate. My real world is Acts and my real self (when astral determinism â?? i.e. the power of the mysterious â??heâ? â?? is broken) is â??Thomas.â? Because of the added AI voice statement, â??This is why he smashed things,â? I cam made to know that â??heâ? is â??James-James,â? and I know that James-James is the creator or demiurge, who I have reason to equate with Palmer Eldritch the master magician who is YHWH, the salvific power which breaks astral determinism is another God entirely. From out what I think is a bubble of counterfeit time and counterfeit aspect of reality â?? i.e. true reality overlaid with fake accretions to make us think that a lot of time has passed since Acts. Summary: the actual time and place is Acts, and we are under the control of what is called astral determinism, which upon close scrutiny turns out to be domination by ignorance regarding our true selves, and true world. Therefore astral

{74} determinism refers to a spurious mode of being regarding world and self â?? what the Hindu religion calls Maya: delusion. We are so-to-speak manufactured by this structure: the product of it, generated and controlled inside out. Only in such novels as â??Ubik,â? â??Maze,â? â??Stigmata,â? is this situation dealt with. Through in â??Tearsâ? and â??Scannerâ? and â??Eyeâ? as well as â??Imposter,â? â??Electric Ant,â? andâ? Faith ofâ??â?? and you have it all. Ego R.I.P. Worse, we are cut off from our authentic self (state) and world. This is what I must put faith in â??Valis,â? and the Salvidor Salvandus, the impaired Godhead extricating its own fallen parts, and re-assimilating them. This broad view of astral determinism and its overcoming is fine â?? but in my case, the firing of the â??death stripâ? DNA signal was aborted, and my life saved â?? i.e. the destiny aspect. --- {I am told, the 5th savior will take my burden off me â?? ich unglucklich atlas einewelt, die Graze Welt enschentzen mass ich tragei stolze Henz Und brechtem with min das Hans in leib.} I do not have to carry the burden any longer, nor pave the way (â??Make a highway for our Lordâ?). I will be released â?? the savior will carry it for me.

{75} In 3-74 there was one cosmological principle which I literally say but could not understand. It was the dialectic progression, but not like any dialectic (e.g. Zoroastrian, Gnostic, Xtian, Mani, etc.) that I know of. They were complimentary and necessary and interacting dual principles â?? but not even like Empedoclesâ?? system, certainly not good-bad and not even Taoist. I now have read the E.B. article of Dualist Cosmologies (or religions) and I think what I saw is the Nommo-Yurugu dialectic of the Dogon tribe of the Sudan. This is the tribe which has the map of the twin stars Sirius which Bob Wilson writes about. Also, the cosmogony of the Dogon is virtually precisely my two source cosmogony. And Sirius is somehow connected with the Ajna Eye or Eye of Horus. What is important about this realization is that since â??the Sirius connectionâ? was already established because of the Ajna Eye, this additional connection would tend to point firmly at â?? not the Dogon as such â?? but to that Bob Wilson speculates is the source of the Dogonâ??s science, and I add, religion. A superior technology is pointed to once again. --- 1) The Sibyl, in speaking about the civil rights leaders murdered by â??the conspiratorsâ? includes Jim Pike, i.e. stated that Jim Pike was murdered. 2) â??Mazeâ? had come out not long before my house was hit on Nov. 17, 1971. 3) That lawyer at St. Jude suggested that the hit had to deal with Jim Pike and material (of a theological nature) turned â?? or possibly turned â?? over to me by Jim. 4) Was the hit on my house part of a conspiracy connected to Jimâ??s murder? What I am thinking of is

{76} an attempt to {find material to} discredit me, which is the theory I present in the {something}}. What makes me think of this is the account in â??Cosmic Triggerâ? of the guy getting heroin sent to him through the mail by the DEA and syndicate and then busted â?? to discredit him vis-à-vis any testimony he might give re the civil rights leadersâ?? assassinations, and then fits in with this the Xerox missive later in â??74 (and the response being the supernormal sibyl entity taking me over; factoring out as sibyl entity pitted against the conspirators in my case, and against the whole Nixon tyranny. â??Cosmic Triggerâ? hints at some connection between the superior intelligences and the assassinated conspirators, which is exactly my experience. Something sent in the mail to discredit you â?? the find you in possession of it. On 3/20/74 the higher intelligence knew that time was of the essence in getting the Xerox missive out of my apartment {but perhaps only secondarily to the Bureau}. And now the AI voice says, â??An intelligence officer in the {U.S.} army sent it.â?

--- {*} Our universe is a 2-source hologram, but we are in it, not external standpoints to it (i.e. we are participants, not observers), so the delusional power directly affects us, not just indirectly via world (as if we were watching a movie and took it to be real; Plato missed this participatory quality). Then what, if anything, really exists? Do we have bodies? Are we anywhere? What I saw as ultimate reality wasnâ??t Acts â?? and â??Thomasâ? in and as me, but the info processing, the info itself,

{77} and the living macrobrain. We are stations or coils which contain phylogenic memory (supratemporal). Everything is nothing but the info (Logos) and brain (Brahman); apparently each of us is given an inner-out self-world arbitrarily locked into â??spaceâ? and â??timeâ? which are just ways of ordering the bits impinging on us. We donâ??t even have the power to order them into this time or that space; it is programmed for us but there is change (or more accurately â??looking differentsâ?) to promote the similitude of time and space. But deep within each of us (it is correct to speak of pluriforms) there is a micro brain as little analog of the unitary macrobrain â?? this is the great â??Tat Tvam Asiâ? of Brahmanism, there are degrees of awareness, but even these are programmed (being deprogrammed is programmed â?? the macrobrain never loses control of any station of itself). It would seem that the brain has a wake-sleep cycle. Right now it is asleep, but waking up, It is aware that it is waking up. This is expressed in our worlds as transformations from the lowpoint (age of iron, defined by deterministic mechanical immutable causality) to the age of gold (volitional sentience: each of us remembering and being conscious of our actual sate: participation in the macrobrain of which we each are a microform). In the age of gold we get to be awake and join in ratiocination voluntarily â?? this is the breaking of â??astral determinism.â? There is a Salvidor Salvandus which is a sort of mobile agent {1} of the brain which signals us one by one to wake up. The entire authority (power) to accomplish this resides in it, not in us. {1} and voice of the brainâ??s

{78} There is a level above that of the macrobrain; it is loving void, non-functional; no info nor info-processing is there. This is the noös of the brain and does not exist. We go there when we are through with our functioning as stations of the brain; that is our true reward. Until then we are born again and again (or seem to be â?? actually we just keep on functioning within the timeless brain) (and are given a succession of selves and worlds) (all counterfeit â?? although in all fairness I should note that their counterfeiting is necessary, or weâ??d die of sensory deprivation) (it is sensory deprivation that allows us to come to awareness of our true state) (that and the emergency terror of being close to death). Xenophanes and Parmenides, between them, had it pretty well figured out â?? they and the Hindu thinkers. --- I happened to read the E. of Ph. article on Brahmanism, and find under â??epistemologyâ? the principle of parsimony applied to the question of whether there is an external universe separate from the sense impressions (impinging data) of it. The arguments runs that since the â??external universeâ? could arise within the precept system itself (as in dreams) or God could cause us to merely think we experienced a separate external universe, and that

{79} no sense-datum and an external datum can be distinguished from each other, the notion of an external universe is superfluous and violates the principle of parsimony. For me, however, I achieved saintliness and the â??higher truth,â? that then is only Brahman and Atman (the macrobrain, which push-pull fires world and self back and forth, so for me it isnâ??t a logical question but rather one of revelation (heightened experience/perception). Yes, God (i.e. Brahman) does cause us to think we experience world; we do in fact experience it, but it is a participatory two-part illusion: self (ego) and world locked together and rigidly determined. What we call â??evilâ? or â??disorderâ? is simply the perception that reality is not so arranged as to (1) help us individually, or (2) make sense to us. But reality is not for our individual benefit but for the macrobrainâ??s: its interests are never subordinated to ours. This has to be so, since we are portions of it. If its interests were sacrificed, ultimately we â?? all existence â?? would die. â??I am the breath of my creator, and as he breathes {in and out} I live.â? Basically, the macrobrain controls us this way: external signal (stimulus) O (Self) DNA response The self (ego) is caught in the middle, at a transaction between the inner DNA and the outer stimuli which are rigidly coordinated

{80} by the macrobrain. It is the total macrobrain signaling to itself. Best to kick back, relax, and enjoy it â?? since weâ??re asleep (and robots) anyhow. This is what is known as Karma or astral determinism, this sleep state. But the macrobrain is evolving toward the consciousness. --- The transfer to my head of the info about Christopher was typical â?? not atypical â?? of what the macrobrain continually does; only in this case I was aware of it doing it. But info processing, transferring, etc. is precisely what it does. Zebra is the macrobrain. Because of my heightened perception in 3-74 I was aware consciously, not subliminally, of the info transfer. So that â??beam of pink light bearing infoâ? is proof that my vision and concept that weâ??re part of a vast brain is accurate. So the transfer was not an anomaly: nor did it indicate the presence of an entity other than the brain. This is what it does normally. Then how does Zebra differ from the brain? Isnâ??t volitional (sentient) overrule inherent in the structure itself? If the Hindu epistemological position

{81} cited above is brought into play either: 1) I melted the causal trains, and Zebra is a projection of my psyche 2) or I just saw Brahman qua world â?? i.e. saw world properly as sentient and volitional (the macrobrain). What happened to the invader aspect of Zebra, a cornerstone of my Exegesis? The upper and lower realms â?? are they the â??two levels of truthâ? of Hinduism? Two ways of perceiving on my part? A revelation, not an invasion? The answer is that world (â??realityâ?) is not real, but Zebra is. This must be faced. What Zebra modulated is hologrammatic. The hologram was invaded in a sense â?? but in terms of my perception of it only. I was seeing the hologram (â??worldâ?) replaced by what is actually there: macrobrain, which is alive. Thus an invasion did take place, but it was one of hierarchical orders of reality, with the upper realm sentient, alive and purposeful, and the lower not only merely causal but not real. Zebra to world is spider to web â?? Zebra as world-weaver. In its own artifact, so in a sense God (Brahman) was impinging directly on my senses. Since my ego and world are interwoven: a single irreality. Then what Iâ??ve overlooked is that Zebra is not entirely outside me â?? separate from me, but partly within my own percept system.

{82} It can even be argued that the microbrain in me (atman) was involved in the sentient reweaving (but not solely involved). The weaver (Zebra) was impersonal and not-me. But to locate it externally â?? the internal-external dualism may have been transcended by mind embracing both. And what has become of â??Geworfenheitâ?? I was in a sense rewoven: 1) What I saw was alive. 2) It was in but not in the world; the world turned (?) into it â?? or it turned into the world. World was a state or condition it took (that is closer to it: it was prior to world in some sense; world had reverted back from its dead state to its living it had resumed volitional functioning. Like waking up? As analogous to my atman waking up? It stirred, not was stirred. No â?? Zebra invaded and overrode. Entered its own artifact. Was Zebra smaller than world? No. Larger. And this was not panpsychism. World became plastic in the face (impinging) of mind. Mind exerted direct pressure on it (and on me, e.g. in the pink beam firing into me). Zebra abolished world qua world. What if Zebra and World are regarded as two modes of one being? Zebra equals awake and world is the same thing asleep. Actually, I phrased it correctly initially above: â??the world turned into itâ? not â??it turned into the world.â? I saw world first; then it became volitional. Yes, world reverted back from its dead state or sleeping state: it unfroze. As if world were a temporary state, and it resumed its true one â?? cease to pose (or ascend) the aspect of causal world. That makes the world a pose or fiction â??

{83} ah â?? I have it. The living reality played dead to blend in: camouflage. That was and is my key term: camouflage. So that it looked like world and couldnâ??t be told from it. Mimicking, mimesis, playing dead, to blind in: yes â?? indistinguishable from world. No way our senses could do a set-ground discrimination. I was only aware of it by its activity: when it acted; otherwise, when blending, even in my heightened state I couldnâ??t have discerned it. So there is no way to say how much of world it has replaced â?? i.e. what percent and which parts are world and which parts it. This is not panpsychism and maybe not immanent deity, but a UT, systematically replacing (â??transubstantiating progressivelyâ?) world. I have no reason to believe it created world in the first place â?? no; it appears to have invaded world, and by playing dead could not be told from it; not until it acted. Like a vast body of an organism. It was as if certain parts of world (reality) stirred: and all which stirred was a single organism distributed here and there, but unitary. It was energy â?? plasmate â?? which could appear hypostasized as matter by just posing as things (matter). It is not a thing (matter); but when at rest appears to our senses indistinguishable from matter, as if it slows down. It deliberately slows itself down to the pace, rate, or level or world. I am certain this is correctly formulated,

{84} but what is its relation to the macrobrain and its info? Iâ??d say, it is the macrobrain, and it arranges matter to form information, using world as a carrier of information. A carrier, yes, thatâ??s why the term modulation occurs to me; it modulates reality into a vehicle for information. It arranges reality into information, which is a way of ordering reality. This is exactly what it did, also, with â??Tears,â? arranged it and was it! Used the total novel (actually book) as a modulated carrier. Yes â?? this explains the apparent theological dualism of it interception (fielding) the Xerox missive: if it was all reality, itâ??d be in effect fighting itself. So a priori I can deduce it is not everything. It â??transubstantiatedâ? me; modulated me into a carrier. Or could one say it modulates reality (inc. me) into information, not just a carrier for? Then the macrobrain is reality modulated into a carrier or into information itself â?? and it was quite extensive. Thatâ??s its only purpose in controlling the arrangement of reality, to convert it into information, inc. me, since I had at an earlier time been incorporated into it and was a carrier for info (in my writing). This explains the content of my writing and the 3-74 intervention into but. But this discloses that we and world can be made plastic (â??in the face of mindâ? â?? it is mind thatâ??s involved here.)

{85} Letâ??s recall why I sent a copy of â??Tearsâ? to Diane Pike: because I thought that the dream in which the helmeted knights come to kill â??the man shut up in the houseâ? i.e. given in the novel as Jason Taverner (who is innocent of any crime but if framed as murderer in an actual death) somehow referred to Jimâ??s death. (And by extension to the conspirators and the civil rights leadersâ?? assassinations.) Or, the message is one of punishment for those assassinations â?? punishment by the â??Great White Brotherhoodâ? which they may be, thus referring {as well} to the overthrow, the needed overthrow of the Nixon tyranny. â??Tearsâ? could be said to present the U.S. which the police apparatus would like to see established; in â??Tearsâ? then goals got completed, down to specific details. As one reviewer said, â??In this novel the civil rights movements of the sixties seem to have failed,â? â?? it is an alternate Earth. (What I call Track A). Maybe â??Tearsâ? disclosed the masterplan of Cointelpro {?} and the thinking behind it. But it is then invaded by the wise old king (and knights) who passes judgments of culpability. If â??Ubikâ? is correct, Zebra is the Logos or the mystical body of Christ, which was the impression I had in 2-74/3-74/2-75. The Dogon fish God Nommo. Fish sign in its original form, standing for â??Brotherhood of Siriusâ?? Maybe my fish dreams (all 3 or 4) refer to Nommo. If Nommo is an archetype in my phylogenic memory, I am from Sirius (or the plasmate is, and Iâ??m a homoplasmate) and have been for decades.

{86} Then the Xerox missive came from those motivated by Yurugu, and I know specifically who sent it, which fits in with the information in â??Tears.â? But these are mind considerations. The real consideration is Zebra playing dead so as to be undetectable â?? and firing info at my via a beam of pink light, and modulating reality (inc. me) into info or as a carrier for info. I had the clue all the time in the word â??modulatesâ? â?? as in frequency modulation or amplitude modulation, and Zebra is the info which is alive, and replicates (or rather proliferates) itself through (or as) info, e.g. in â??Tears,â? etc. an informational universe (cf. â??Cosmic Triggerâ?) (where this possibility is mentioned in passing as one possibility.) This fits in with the â??AIâ? voice giving me info late at night; it doesnâ??t just talk; everything which it utters is info, and vital (to me) info. Interspecies bonding (v. â??Cosmic Triggerâ?), homoplasmate, my dreams of being a fish â?? even eaten (by the Jews as symbolized by Bob Silverberg). I as a pluriform of Nommo (Christ). â??Fish canâ??t carry guns.â? And I dreamed of the winged globe {Drawing of a circle with wings}, and it was golden. Firebright. Horus. Osiris. --- Obviously in 3-74 my DNA gene pool memory fired (phylogenic memory) and the DNA programming â??burned itself upâ? (â??astral determinismâ? expired) at the same time. There is therefore a visible connection between anamnesis (phylogenic memory stored in the DNA) and the breaking of DNA control (Karma). Except that the phylogenic personality took over completely, which seems contradictory to astral determinism being broken; isnâ??t phylogenic memory as determinism?

{87} Phylogenic memory and override of DNA programming and interspecies symbiosis. Bob Wilson: at circuit VIII space-time is obliteratedâ?Š â??The greatest is within the smallest.â? â??The contelligence {?} within the quantum projection booth is the entire cosmic â??brain.â?? Just as the micro-miniaturized DNA helix is the local brain guiding planetary evolution.â? This is the highest state humans can reach. I would guess that this â??contelligenceâ? is the override of the â??micro-miniaturized DNA helix local brainâ? which I experienced as â??Thomasâ? :viz.: â??There is someone else inside my head and he is not living in this century,â? and â??Someone in this room is outside of time,â? and â??I am your tutelary spirit,â? and â??I have plenary {once also stated as plenipotentiary} power.â? --- At the age of iron Brahman is asleep and has exhaled its micro-pluriforms as far from it as they be: they are sunk in ignorance, deformation and forgetfulness and sleep then the 2-part cycle starts them waking up, remembering, losing their occlusion: they are again in touch with Brahman (â??cosmic intelligenceâ?); then are inhaled, Brahman awakes â?? back â??upâ? o â??in,â? and Shiva is the presiding God with his Dibba Cachu {?} eye, which annihilates the world and frees the pluriforms of Brahman by virtue of his lending them Ajna discernment (enlightenment). The 5th or final savior has come, this time as kind and judge. He calls his own {sheep} and destroys the others: this planet has served its purpose.

{88} It was as if my DNA tape was tricked (confused) into losing its clock-synchronized measured firing, and so fired the entire remainder of its programming at furious velocity â?? into the void; i.e. not synchronized with the outer tape: â??external realityâ? â?? it needed no disinhibiting stimuli, etc., but simply exhausted its contents â?? even up to and including a postmortem existence. This tricking was done by emerging terror at the nearness of death, and sensory deprivation, plus the revelation of the fish sign and anamnesis, which may have started the DNAâ??s disorientation (and was so calculated to do), as to what the true time actually was (see supra my pages on how the organism seems to measure time: by rate of change alone). This DNA tape may have been fashioned to serve for more than this (i.e. one) lifetime. In which case my Karma may have burned itself up, freeing me from the wheel of rebirth. I am no longer a DNA robot. The outer (â??external realityâ?) tape, of course, remained intact, since its flow-rate is not dependent on anything in me. But still, my programmed response to the Xerox missive did not take place. I was conscious at the time of programming, I was afraid it would succeed, but it didnâ??t; the override worked, and in time (time was of the essence). What I donâ??t normally realize is that had my DNA programmed response to the Xerox missive been acted out (whatever it would have been)

{89} the rest of my life would have been determined. That it was a cointelpro trap I have no doubt of, although I canâ??t determine if they would have busted me for possessing the Xerox missive or if they hoped Iâ??d answer it. I guess theyâ??d of had me either way.

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The info traffic, + Zebra, the macrobrain. + finally the abyss. There is great ambiance to sound. It's like distant bells. In the Book of Adam + Eve, as in Genesis, it is said that God Himself (1) occluded us; + (2) exiled us from the Garden to the prison as punishment for our transgressions. He did it to us + now he undoes it. We are deformed + in exile, cut off from him. But he took me back, through Christ (perhaps as Advocate; viz: "if anyman have sinned, he has an advocate with the Father."). God has dispatched a savior to restore [me]. Is this a selective salvation ("my sheep know my voice.")? It is not based on merit, perhaps, but is predestined (which Will Durant calls "that awful doctrine" - of Augustine's). But it must be so, it can't be based on merit; all of Paul's writing makes this clear. Merit is just another name for fulfilling the [law]. We can't earn our way back. The decision is [...] + the basis is impossible for us to know; that is a fact. There are no known criteria. There is absolutely no evidence that any given act or group of acts leads to it, so pragmatically, effectively, it is predestination de facto. If we can't know what will do it we can't be sure that anything will do it; anyway, if we don't know, it's the same thing. The initiative is God's. There probably is a pattern, a logic; it probably is not capricious - a whim. I know that in 3-74 some kind of "Karmic" determinism over me was broken. That was the power of our enslavement. Salvation = freedom, which I now construe as the burden of punishment: the exile + deformity. The narrowing of the Cave of Treasures. Release from the "inner-outer tape" that I discerned which the system locks us into. Then is is the normal system: the way it works. The way it's supposed to work. There may be no dualistic religion here. Just a hierarchy of levels. We were reduced by the same power that extricates us.


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mology simply presents it as a fact, to escape it we would have to allow the cosmos to decompose. Could we do that? The tragedy is that by the very nature of the sacrifice we make we are occluded from knowing why. This is part of our sacrifice: our Yang understanding. We must take on the dullness of Yin to save the cosmos; we sacrifice the knowledge of why we sacrifice, + assume guilt -spurious guilt- in its place. This is asking a lot. But consider who we really are. Or once were + will be again. Who else can do it? There is no one else. There is only Yin, which does not know. The part of the organism which knows must help the part which doesn't know, but this means abandoning its own knowing. It becomes what it helps, a dreadful irony, one that hurts. But it is only temporary, just for a little while. + then we go home for all eternity. As I used to pray: "Father, take me back." In 3-74 He did. The creation of each homoplasmate (such as myself in 3-74) indicates -+ is a part of- the reuniting of the upper + lower realms, + show that this is being accomplished. I (from the lower realm) was jointed to my upper realm matching counterpart; in this way the two realms are re-joined. My experience indicates that the two realms are no longer split, but are coming closer together now.


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I must return to orthodoxy, to a christology. A christocentric view; I have been corrected in my views, + by the savior himself, who spoke to me for the first time. We will not all be saved, whether I like it -approve of it- or not. He selects from among us. I cannot fathom the ways of God, of grace, of providence - except to know that He saved me, + it was He -Christ- who saved me, + that only He can save us. It would be nice, universal salvation, but - The revelation of last night points to the truth of the doctrine of predestination. I was saved from the beginning, from the foundation of the world. As I wrote at 4:30 a.m. last night, I was doomed to be saved, an economical use of language + precise. It was my destiny + nothing could interrupt the process which fired in 2-3/74. I belong to him. I do not belong to myself, + nothing can take me from him, even Satan's desperate whispers in my head, his frantic noise. In 3/74 the fleshly stricture was removed from me, the original curse placed on us (on me). I was given back my bright nature by the God who gave it to me originally + then temporarily withdrew it. My period of thrall began thousands of years ago + ended on the Savior's birthday in 1974. The decision was not made in 3-74. The results came then, the end of the process. When I saw the Golden Fish I knew. This was what I knew: that He [...]ed + that He had chosen me, abolishing time + space in the doing of it: collapsing world itself into an eternal relationship that had always been so + would always be so: I was outside of time


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