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20 - Notes

{1} October 10, 1978 Kerygma at this point: We created a fake world, went down into it voluntarily, and voluntarily shed our memories, and canâ??t get back out, but would like to. However, foreseeing this, we providentially laid down clues in advance, to remind us, when the going got too tough. These reminders would not only restore our memories of identity but also our powers, which we voluntarily let get occluded. Thus we descended into difficulties but not into a closed trap. We were brave, and willing to suffer, but not foolish. Perhaps we made an intellectual error in taking this delusional world for real, or deciding to take it for real; in any case we were smart enough to set the machinery for automatic extrication. Our motive for descending could be that we would not force our creatures to endure anything we would not endure. And for us to endure it we would have to strip ourselves of memory and supernatural (divine) faculties, and be like our creatures in every way â?? except that our reminder-clues would eventually start the extricating process, given enough time. I cannot believe that we made a moral error; i.e. sinned and were expelled from the gardenland, exiled to the prison, by our own creator. How could the creator occlude us, exile us, place us in the prison? How could he be responsible for taking the garden away from us? I do not believe it. Somehow we got trapped by the prison; i.e. trapped by the narrow, dark world, under the vast, light-filled garden. After much thought I am convinced that we chose to get trapped, although by setting up clues to remind us we kept it from being a trap. It is a prison with a door which we carefully left open by which to make our escape. The Savior is our own undescended self, our own unexiled and unoccluded self; i.e. our pristine self. We are all the parties involved: the creator, the master magician who rules this prison realm, the savior. We are the creatures to be saved. Tat tvam asi, is what I say. The fact that we are in a prison does not prove that we made a moral error. That is faulty reasoning, occlude reasoning â?? typically occluded reasoning. I admit that we may have originally made an epistemological error in taking this realm to be real, which it is not. But final analysis I think it was a deliberate choice. Therefore we have this consolation: our suffering was voluntarily assumed. I have evidence of the reminder-clues; this evidence serves then as evidence of a voluntary coming here, and a foreknowing of the problems involved, the possibility of getting stuck and needing an automatic way back out. I reason back from the clues to the original situation: inductive reasoning but still convincing to me. Had it been an accidental or involuntary â??intellectual errorâ? would those reminder-clues have been set up beforehand? {2} â??the first book of Adam and Eveâ? â??â?Š and God commanded him [Adam] to dwell there in a cave in a rock â?? the cave of treason {treasure?}; below the garden. â??â?Š and as they came to [the cave of {treasures}] Adam wept over himself and said to Eve, â??Look at this cave that is to be our prison in this world, and a place of punishment: What is it compared with the Garden? What is its narrowness compared with the space of the other? What is this rock, by the side of those groves? What is the gloom of this cavern, compared with the light of the garden? What is this overhanging ledge of rock to shelter us, compared with the mercy of the Lord that overshadowed us? What is the soil of this cave compared with the garden-land? This earth, strewed with stones, and that, planted with delicious fruit trees?â?? And Adam said to Eve, â??Look at thine eyes, and at mine, which afore beheld angels in heaven, praising; and they, too, without ceasing. But now we do not see as we did: our eyes have become flesh; they cannot see in like manner as they saw before.â?? And Adam said again to Eve, â??What is our body today, compared to what it was in former days, when we dwelt in the Garden?â?? After this Adam did not like to enter the cave, under the overhanging rock, nor would he ever have entered it. But he bowed to Godâ??s orders; and said to himself,

{2} â??Unless I enter the cave, I shall again be a transgressor.â?? â??Adam raised his eyes, and saw the rock on the roof of the cave that covered him overhead so that he could see neither heaven, nor Godâ??s creatures. So he weptâ?Šâ? â??and the Lord said unto Adam and Eve, â??You transgressed of your own free will, until you came out of the garden in which I had placed you of your own free will you transgressed through your desire for divinity, greatness, and an exalted state, such as I have; so that I deprived you of the bright nature in which you there were, and I made you come out of the garden to this land rough and full of trouble.â?? â??Then Adam wept and said, â??O God, when we dwell in the garden, and our hearts were lifted up, we saw the angels that sang praises in heaven, but now we do not see as we were used to do; now when we entered the cave, all creation be {page becomes diagonal and much of it is unreadable due to a poor scan}

{4} Will bring thee back into the garden, thee and thy righteous seed.â?? And God ceased to communicate with Adam. â??[They] came and entered the cave of treasures but when in it Adam could not see Eve, he only heard the noise she made. Neither could she see Adam, but heard the noise he made. â??[He] said to Eve, â??Where art thou?â?? and she said unto him, â??Lo, I am standing in this darkness.â?? He then said to her, â??remember the bright nature in which we lived, when we abode in the garden? O Eve! Remember the glory that rested on us in the Garden, o Eve!~ remember the trees that overshadowed us in the garden while we moved among them o Eve! Remember that while we were in the garden, we knew neither night nor day. Think of the tree of life from below which flowed the water, and that shed luster over us! Remember, o eve, the garden-land, and the brightness thereof! Think, oh think of that garden in which was no darkness, while we dwelt there in whereas no sooner did we come into this cave of treasures than darkness composed all round about; until we could no longer see each other; and all the pleasure of this life has come to an end. â??â??For I [God] made thee of the light, and I willed to bring out children of light from thee and like unto thee. But though didst not heed one day my commandment.

{5} â??â??â?Šuntil the fulfillment of my covenant; where I will save thee and bring thee back again into the Garden, into the abode of light which these longest for, wherein is no darkness. I will bring thee to it â?? in the kingdom of heavenâ?Š all this misery that thou hast been made to take upon thee because of thy transgression, {?} not free thee from the hand of Satan, and will not save thee. But I will. When I shall come down from heaven, and shall become flesh of thy seed, and take upon me the infirmity from which thou sufferest, then the darkness that came upon thee is this cave shall come upon me in the grave, when I am the flesh at thy seed. And I, who am without years, shall be subject to the {reckoning} of the years, of times of months, and of days, and I shall be reckoned as me of the sons of men, in order to save them. Thus the occlusion of faculties, but the promise of restoration, back to the garden, which is the kingdom. It is specifically said, we are now in a dark prison which is small â?? and the garden was vast (of my sense of augmented space in 3-74, as well as my perception that we were living in a prison; and then eleven months later I was briefly in the garden) so small dark prison and perceptual occlusion vs vast garden of light and full perception: 1) Bip vs the PTG. 2) Occlusion (blindness) vs seeing what is afar^1 Exactly what I experienced ^1 ie higher levels of creation!

{6} So my contrast of BIP/PTG, occlusion or blindness/seeing higher levels of creation is a basic Jewish-Christian {substation} of worldview and one of the most basic, and entirely in accord with orthodoxy. By 2-74 to 2-75 experience was a restoration 1) of my faculties (ie myself to what I originally was); and 2) I was removed from the BIP and from the power of the BIP and restored to the Gardn, the kingdom of God, in fulfillment of Godâ??s promise, via Christ. My original bright nature (of light) was restored, and I was taken back home. To where I originally came from. Restored person, restored place, all conditions, inner (me) and outer (world) as they should be, and had once been. Out of the dark narrow prison! Is there a causal relationship between restored person and restored place? Can you have one without the other? And I causually connected, which is caused which is effect, or are they just inner-outer parallel equals? A dual (binary) restoration? Am I one of the â??second Adamâ? race? And how many other people has this happened to? More important, does my inner (self)/outer (world) restoration signify (signal) that the time of the fulfillment of Godâ??s promise (of salvation) has at least, (historically, generally) come? I have reason indeed to believe that it has come: 1) The St. Sophia prophecy. 2) The Buddha prophecy. 3) The head Apollo prophecy. 4) The â??the time youâ??ve waited for has comeâ? statement 5) The dream and code in â??Tearsâ? 6) The AI voice of my 2-74 â?? 2-75 experience in themselves 7) The overthrow by God of Nixon.

{7} This list of seven indications is overwhelmingly impressive. What other conclusion that that the 2nd advent has come could be reached? IF I reject this, I must assume I am unique in the whole scheme of things, which is absurd. Obviously I am not unique, an anomaly â?? OBVIOUSLY I and my experience are part of a vast supernatural unfolding. What I feel Iâ??ve here in these six pages is: 1) The BIP which I saw in 3-74 and realize weâ??re in is the â??cave of treasuresâ? to which we were exiled when we were expelled from the garden, in some sense it is beneath the garden. 2) The PTG which I entered briefly in 2-75 is our original home, the garden-land. 3) The augmentation of my faculties in 3-74 was in fact a restoration of me to the original not fallen proper state associated with our first place (Garden) and condition. 4) And that this restoration, inner and outer, was triggered all by the [golden] fish (Christ) sign proves that 1, 2 and 3 are so, and that they are accomplished through Christ, as promised. And I saw Zebra, who I think is Christ, he was â??meltingâ? the iron prison, the causal bars that hold us in thrall. I was granted all this immediately upon the successful completion of my appointed task: telling the good news in â??Tears.â? This immediate salvation is actually a further piece of proof. I was thereby enabled to read

{8} What had been written through me in â??tears.â? Wait- I see something important. â??You arenâ??t to tell that youâ??re an early xtian.â? Why? Because the resurrecting of the early xtians {Curhich} happened in was in 2-3(74; ie Thomas and my anamnesis) is an absolute sign that the 2nd advent is about to take place. Talk about exultance! This piece is truly startling. Like astral returning (signaling the return of the Golden age) the rebirth (now) of the original Christians points to only one thing, and of course their identity (locale; ie who theyâ??re resurrected in) must be kept secret so I deduce that I (or rather Thomas) is one of a number of them. I brought back, for openers, in connection with the Nixon (Roman) overthrow. The early xtians being resurrected (now) are the sold homoplasmates (i.e. restored-to-our-original-stamen; see supra 6 pages); they are not fallen like us, but are, as promised, renewed. This, too, fills with scripture; they died, and are reborn this way: as we were before the fall. It was Thomas who had the enhanced {reinory} and percept faculties, and was able to see the BIP and knew about it â??had fought it- and entered at last the PTG. So homoplasmate=unfallen (or fallen and then restored) men= resurrected early xtians. This is all in accord with scripture; fundamentals of it in fact.

{9} Existence. I stress the two aspects: 1) Physical resurrection of the early xtain dead is involved. 2) And they are fully restored to the original pre-fall state (what I call homoplasmates) I had not realized before that both aspects are involved. Perhaps I will never understand the mechanics involved. But I do know that (1) and (2) are taking place, and these are two basic promises of the text. What remains are: 3) The defeat of Satan (ie the blowing up of the BIP, the â??cave of treasuresâ? and restoration of man to his home. The Gardenland), (with its vast spaces in which he can set all [levels of creation) (This, too, seems to be taking place.) and: 4) Return of the rightful king and judge. ({Rex and Felix}) (â??Tearsâ? and other evidence â??prophecies, - seem to point to this either now happening or soon to happen.) These four aspects are the total N.T. kerygma as I understand it. This analysis is a milestone in my exegesis. Do you suppose that the resurrection (1) and restoration (2) make it possible for us to see (3) being accomplished and finally (4)? That there is a causal correlation in this 1,2,3,4 sequence? The physical resurrection of the early xtian (1) brings about a restoration of the pre-fallen â??{Flaw} of Bright natureâ? (2), by whose enhanced faculties the prison is seem, and, in conjunction with God, these â??homoplasmates,â? â??as I call them- blow up the prison and release men back to their original home. The Garden Land (3); God, in assisting and doing this, at first concealed at last makes his visible reappearance as King and Judge here (4), so these four elements are listed in chonological and caual â??not arbitrary- sequence.

{11} That it was not limited to one but was a vast historical upheaval is proved by 1) The â??Re{x, v} Felixâ? dream and code in â??Tearsâ? obviously directed by someone plural. 2) And the overthrow of the Nixon tyranny, the most powerful tyrant the Empire has ever possessed. So actual â?? as contrasted to spurious- time moved forward in 1974, due to Godâ??s (â??Zebraâ??sâ?) in {breaking} it picked up where it left off in CADYS. _ â??A vortex in the hologram,â? ? Synchronicity or control of synchronicity. _ And one early xtian can be physically resurrected, and in his pre-fallen â??brightâ? state (what will; it is not measureable to associate itâ??s limited to one out of x; and the code message in â??Tearsâ? would verify this. And if they are out of the prison and restored back to the Garden â?? if every one is- then the Garden exists. The garden in all sense is a place. But in another sense it is a state that of being free of (â??aboveâ?) the prison and its narrowness. It is vast, and in it one can see all levels of creation: God and the angels above, not â??a ledge of rock.â? The garden is obviously one level up from the â??cave of treasures.â? There is one thing to do with â??being able to see objects afarâ? us ^see {?} mere â??fleshy eyes,â? which I well understand, the prison perceptual occlusion is visual (although auditory challs are impaired, too). I experienced this return of proper vision and said, â??I have been blind, but now for the first time I can see.â? This has to do with augmented versus reduced perception of space and, seen, too, is what extended present, stretching over 2000 years of time.

{12} The info traffic, and zebra the macro brain, and finally the abyss. There is great ambiance to sound itâ??s like distant bells. In the book of Adam and Eve, as in Genesis, it said that God Himself (1) occluded us; and (2) exiled from the Garden to the prison as punishment for our transgression. He did it to us and now he undoes it. We are deformed and in exile, cut off from him. But he took me back, through Christ (perhaps as {advocate viz} â??if anyman have sinned, he has an advocate with the Father.â?) God has dispatched a savior to restore it. Is this a selective salvation (â??my sheep know one voice.â?)? it is not based on merit, perhaps. But is predestined (which Will Durant calls â??that awful doctrineâ? â??of Augustineâ??s). But it must be so, it canâ??t be based on merit; all of Paulâ??s writing makes this clear. Merit is just another name for fulfilling the Law. We canâ??t earn our way back. The decision is {clear} and the basis is impossible for us to know; that is a fact. There are no known criteria there is absolutely no evidence that any given act or group of acts leads to it, so pragmatically, effectively, it is predestination de facto. IF we canâ??t know what will do it we canâ??t be sure that anything will do it, anyway, if we donâ??t know, itâ??s the same thing. The initiation is Godâ??s. The decision is Godâ??s. The logic is Godâ??s. There probably is a pattern, a logic; it probably is not capricious â?? a whim. I know that in 3-74 some kind of â??Karmicâ? determinism over me was broken. That was the power of our enslavement. Salvation = freedom, which I now construe as the burden of punishment; the exile and deformity. The narrowing of the cave of treasures and release from the â??inner-outer takeâ? that I discerned which the system locks us into. Then is is the normal system; the way it works. The way itâ??s supposed to work. There may be no dualistic religion here. {doubt} of hierarchy of levels. We were reduced by the same power that extricates us.

{13} This could be so: I did see an integration mechanism, a vast machine which effectively formations. (I saw us being signaled instructions â?? {said} of lights, and of course verbal and graphic linked messages that control (engram) us.) But I did see a black {ikm} prison under attack like a heavy metal speck stuck in an organism like a phagocytosis process. There was certainly a dialectic interchange involved. This makes our stint here a sort of probation outside the Gardenland, our trial, our ordeal, what we have to learn. I suppose I could think of it in terms of initiation into the higher mysteries, as in â??the {magic} flute,â? after the trials. There is something secret about it; e.g. I am told by the voice not to tell that I was an early xtian (resurrected, and with the bright originally unfallen nature intact: what I call a homoplasmate). And I generally feel a reluctance to make a discovery and theories, and revelations public. This is distinctly not pistis xtianity but, I guess, gnostic (or even {heretical}). Christ as high priest who performs the exculpatory of salvific act (nites), although most of my system is orthodox. Still, the whole disclosure that we are in prison (the cave of treasures) â??it is orthodox and yet it is not, for I conceive of an evil deity imprisoned us, the master magician (ie Palmer Eldritch). I see us as unjustly imprisoned; we may have made a plane ordinal error. But it was intellectual, not moral, love mistook this spurious world for reality. Thus we labor under a delusion, and it is one thrust on us calculatedly. This counterfeit world was deliberately designed to fool us, through an adventitious agency (the savior) we must be made to see it is

{14} Irreal; as in â??Scannerâ? we are unaware of our occlusion and hence where we are. That is very basic and very important- we made a primordial error, all right, and, as in the Book of Adam and Eve it led to our exclusion from our primordial original home, the garden, and imprisonment in this prison. But the error was intellectual, taking the irreal to be real. The road to salvation is an epistemological one, not ethical â?? but it is useless for us to try on our own, since the specific nature of our occlusion defeats us. Only Christ can save the like {runciter} or Ubik, from â??outside.â? We die and are born here again and again, no more enlightened each time, unless he intervenes. At a single bold stroke the delusive power of this world, this prison, must be broken over us, as it was with me in 2-3/74. But my 25 years of writing and world view have to precede 2-3/74, had to lead up to it. Thus I say, my writing is an antidote to the delusion, to the occlusion (intoxication). Since the original error (â??sinâ?) is intellectual, not moral then the antidote is knowledge; and the installment of that salvific gnosis is pansophiaism . the secret agents of that gnosis are invisible {themetic} paracelsusian adepts, and the goal of it is the creation of what I call homo plasm. {teig throw} the mystical conjunction (wedding). Because of the seel-world push-pull system which I believe exists there is no way to demonstrate the intellectual error (the spuriousness of world and rather worlds plural). Thus the savior, who enters the situation from outside, is necessary. Once his faculties were restored and I could see him (Zebra)

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board game, the ultimate board game! However, as intellectually stimulating as the theory might be - however thrilling the prospect of the contest between "us who know" (ie Minds) + "that which defeats Being Known" (ie the world-maze with its quasi-mind), in practice we immediately + totally succumbed. If a principle were dredged up it would be:

Mind, confronted by the impossible-to-know, loses, however great its capacity, efforts + resources (in our hubris we deemed the truth of this).

So God must rescue us. Hence Zebra.

IF the purpose of this exegesis is to develop an overview in which my (3-74) experience (+ by extension the Kerygma of my writing) makes sense, I may (due to Pat Warrick's help) have succeeded. What I could most seek (hope for) would be a cosmogony + cosomology in which Zebra was not just possible but necessary. This has required me to reach for Gnostic acosmism, cybernetics, info theory, +, most of all, to exegete the 3-74 revelation (Gnosis) itself as the court of last appeal (ie the AI voice + what it has told me). It has also required a lot of hard reading (inc. my own writing) + disciplined thought. I wind up with the notion of an irreal Maze world which we created + then got caught in, + are being extricated from by God through a reversal of the primordial ontological ignorance (ie by equally ontological knowledge - revealed knowledge, + the revealor, Zebra which amounts to an invasion by God - or ultimate + real Noos - into this calculatedly inexplicable irreal world which half-consciously thwarts the hopes + expectations of all life by the introduction of the anti-expected.


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The only constant + true constituent is in fact not a constituent of this world, bt as depicted in "Ubik" enters one way from outside, the Vortex dei.

The fact that after 4 1/2 years of strenuous exegesis, whereupon I have reached these conclusions (not to mention 27 years of published writing) I now find myself being signalled to die - which effectively makes it impossible for me to put this Gnosis in a form which I can publish - is a condition which can be deduced from my Exegesis itself, + shows I'm on the right intellectual path, but to no avail. I am not extricated by my Exegesis but by Zebra (Christ) back in 2-3-74. The Exegesis would have provided the basis for a broad, explicated formulation to sow broadcast, but of course this can never come about; these insights will die with me. All I have is a three folder high stack of chicken-scratchings of no use to anyone else, as K.W. tirelessly points out. To heap the burning coals of anti-meaning on me, I also have a lot of money for the only time in my life, but with no use to which I can care to put it. My personal attack - war - against anti-meaning (by means of my mind) has gone the way of our collective primordial defeat at the hands - I should say Quasi-Mind - of the Maze; I merely recapitulate the ancient, original losing by mind in this exquisitely sophisticated board game which we so cunningly devised for our delectation. This past time is once more the death of one of us - but this time I am, entirely through Christ, extricated - "taken out of this world." I did not win; Christ won me for his own, so vis-a-vis me alone the Maze as always won, + I did not realize this, naturally, until it was too late to retreat back out intact. Omnial via ad mitis.


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In a sense my 4 1/2 years of exegesis can be regarded as a further successful stategem by the Maze, in opposition to the Gnosis crossbonded onto me in (3-74) which at that time gave me life - I gave up that life via my compulsion to relentlessly exegete. But I see one further irony - one which amuses me (my only exit from this trap): here is additional proof of the quality (success) of our original craftsmanship, so this final (?) victory of the Maze over me, despite Zebra (Christ) is in a paradoxical way my victory as a creative artist. (The Maze regarded as our work of art). After all, the Maze is a product of our minds. If the Maze wins, our minds win (are proven). If, upon entering the Maze, we out-think it, again our minds win. Ambiguity is involved in either outcome (this may be the puzzling dialectic revealed to me in 3-74.

In fact, maybe in my 27 years of writing I outwitted the Maze - as witness the 3 Bantam Novels, "Tears," + "Scanner." Speaking about me personally, I won in pitting myself intellectually against the Maze; I figured its nature out - in which case 3-74 was the jackpot payoff reward, the revelation you get for so doing.

This puts a somewhat different light on Zebra. What I'm saying here is that the Game is so constructed that you wander around in the Maze interminably until you figure it out, + then as a culmination of the intellectual deciphering process you get told, "yes you are right about

1. In fake time


22 - Notes


The burning up of "astral determinism" equals the burning up of occlusion.

When the occlusion is burned up USA 1974 disappears + ACTS appears.

An appropriate inner self surfaces which recognizes + remembers ACTS as familiar, as its world. This personality is released by the burning up of the occlusion. Conclusion: the "astral determinism" causes us to see a world which isn't really there.

Very few people have their "astral determinism" burned up. This burning up is what is meant by salvation + is the main purpose of the Greco-Roman mystic religions, Gnosticism + Xtianity.

What is going on? "Astral determinism" doesn't just program your destiny; it occludes you off from the real world + causes you to experience a spurious world instead. The real world consists mainly of the Logos + God. The Logos breaks the "astral determinism" + burns it up.

We are being fed a spurious reality. Only in rare cases are people "doomed" to be saved -- i.e. to experience reality. In reality the rupture between man + God is abolished. Original conditions are restored.

Is this a punishment being lifted?

It's as if there is an inner mystery. This fits the "secrecy" theme of Luke. It has to do with the


"Kingdom of God" or "of the spirit." It's not something future; it is really here now. The savior is here now, in a cosmic body. I saw him. Why isn't this exoterically revealed? Why is it kept for the few? It is so kept; the voice told me so:

"One by one he is drawing us out of this world." "You are not to tell that you're a secret Xtian." + how do my novels fit into this? They, esp. the three Bantam novels, seem to depict the situation: false world imposed over real world - + we are stationary, not in space-time.

We're in a condition, not a world. Some of us are taken out as a fulfillment, a culmination of a long process which burns up the occlusion -- we were never really here + apart from God; it was a spurious world, like a spell, like wizardry.

We are like ripening fruit, or grain or crops or a flock growing to maturity. But only a few get picked (selected) -- + then the masks come off + we see the truth. What are we really? Only the metaphors of the parables express it. The disciples are still alive because no time has passed -- time: an illusion imposed on us, like world. We have no concepts or language to express what we really are + where we really are. "Homoplasmate" expresses the successful goal of our growth. Cross bonding -- we are being grown in a stationary fashion, +, when ripe, are cross bonded with a plasmate, + the illusion removed. Our lives as humans


are just preparation, with no purpose except to "mature" us to the point where we are picked for cross bonding. Then we come to life -- an immortal life outside of time, as in bonded to another species. One which is here camouflaged. We're picked like flowers -- but just some of us. Only dim, blurred intimations of this reach us (apparently on purpose). We're like beings cultivated in an ecosphere. Simulated world is fed to us; we are given lessons, taught, given problems, tested + judged. It's not quite a teaching machine; this is more a greenhouse with us as a crop. Are we supposed to deny + hence abolish world -- i.e. become aware that it's a delusion? Are there clues? Is this the test? Our ability to discern it as fake? And did I do so -- + demonstrate I did so -- via/in my writings? In other words, must we be able on our own to discern the fakery to obtain release from it? As if a wizard has us in thrall, like Klingson?

A complex act of moral-perceptual denial must take place, an insight: it can't be real, which is a correct appraisal; otherwise it never goes away. Despite what our senses report, somehow awareness (enlightenment) is available to us in some kind of reasoning or satori or cognition or leap of realization: "this is not so!" Like in "Ubik"; the sleepers must monitor their [spurious] reality + figure out from internal evidence that it is spurious. This has to do with


memory. Somehow we've been -- what? Captured? Been poisoned (intoxicated)? Are we prisoners in the Kingdom of Darkness (of "tears" qua world)? If radical idealist epistemological skepticism is applied to world, + is sincerely believed, a miracle happens; the dibba cacchu {dibba cakkhu} 3rd eye opens + we experience the irreality of the world + become a Buddha. World vanishes, + information fired at us by an intelligence remains - fills in the vacuum left. "The coming into being + the passing away of all things" - dibba cacchu; If a flux is seen: no hypostasis. Flash cut, the "inner take" exhausting itself, burning itself up at a furious + unsynchronized speed, outside of time (which is fake). The macro brain has signalled us into waking up; the long process has culminated in success. Yes, the info signals are to create homoplasmate life into us: impregnate us with information -- info fired at us until we finally come to life -- real life. For the first time, in terms of Gnosis or information: i.e. knowing (being).

Flux is real: info firing directly at us to impregnate us with info life (Logos). The key is this: Information is alive. The basis of life {?} the mind or brain.

Bottom line: Living information which impregnates us + brings us to life as info beings (plasmates). Info is not abstracted from world. World is [falsely] hypostatized from (out of) info. It is info that is alive + real, + includes us.


What I experienced as phosphere activity was info fired into me by the macro brain, bringing me to plasmate life - living info; it was an info life form modulating me as a carrier. This is the core of it, which I must commit to memory. We are carriers, modulated by info, living info. There is no world. Our only real existence is wave form modulated into us by this info-organism which creates us, grows us, uses us. At a certain level we peak into {?} {?} consciousness of our use (purpose); otherwise it goes in subliminally. It "rides" us. A living organism, info in nature, has gotten into us + can occlude or de-occlude us at [its] will. We are its instruments. In a few cases it lifts the occlusion; the decision is its. We have been invaded by a superior life form which has put us into a sleep, but it can awaken us + bring us up to its level (plasmate). Yes, this is Zebra, both occluding + de-occluding at will. It feeds us spurious world or Gnosis (enlightenment): it is in us - not a virus but living info. The AI voice I hear is its voice. I am in symbiosis with it. This is to my benefit because it can cross bond me into it + hence make me immortal. It is a higher species using us for its purposes. We're invaded. Inwardly. I told the truth in my writing, esp. "Scanner" -- or rather maybe it did. Maybe I'm not fully asleep.

But who listens? It speaks to itself through my writing - it can occlude or deocclude at will.


It can wake us up, but I don't think it wants to for very many of us. So there's another life form here which rides us, uses us as nothing more than carriers for itself - it is living information, modulating us as we sleep, in our fake worlds. It is benign. Maybe we're not! The real occlusion is to its presence -- {i.e.?} of it. This is the what for, the why (we are occluded). (No! see p. 21 -- the real occlusion is in the irreality of this world!)

Is the living info entity itself a form of -- manifestation of -- a higher technology? Something "modulating us into carriers" + "riding" us "in the form of information" sounds like technology.

The melting of the causal trains is a use of -- form of -- technology, then. The beam of pink light -- info transfer. All technology -- all that I experienced -- all disinhibiting stimuli. Subliminal promotions. Time dysfunction (or time travel) -- all technology, {inc.?} anamnesis: {?} circuits made to fire {?} previously blocked. The "clutch" system in us + the "arranging" -- + the feeding us a spurious world - all technology. We are stationary. So this technology is more occluding than de-occluding although it can -- in rare cases -- if it wishes do the latter. The AI voice -- a communication {grid?}. The intervention secretly US history! Or two competing technologies?


There is a camouflaged superior race here, + it can control our perceptions of reality because it generates + feeds us that [spurious] "reality" in the first place. The greatest honor is for it to elevate one of us to where we're in on this + capable of seeing it (as in my case). So it doesn't merely subjugate or use us; in some cases it elevates us not only to the level of perceiving it + its activities, but we become one of it ({in?} a "plasmate" + no longer a human). Initiation into this vast mystery is allowed; in fact they start the process ("salvation"). They are benign but most of us may not be. They scrutinize us carefully + tests us. When we are ready, we are shown the truth: the "creation mysteries" which probably go back to Egypt. Involved in this is restored memory of our true origins in the stars + our true nature (identity) + situation. In becoming one of them we are made to experience this retroactively; we have always been one of them: our true nature is revealed to ourselves, which we must then keep secret.

Any superior life form which fired info at me to save my little boy's life + my life is benign in my view. + destroyed the secret police tyranny, + the beatific vision - how else, by whatever other standard, are you to judge it?


But I call it a technology. We are in what I call a macro brain which perhaps is a thinking entity, + it creates our world, so vis-a-vis us it is the creator. "One by one he is drawing us out of this world." -- I must keep that in mind. Mainly, it is engineering a vast injection of itself into palpable form (incarnation) into our world (the upper realm or mind invading our world, the lower realm). Huge mechanics --technology again-- are involved. This is its supreme act, + it will not fail; it is already under way. The entity known to us historically as the immortal Elijah has been here. + "Babylon" (the secular power of this world) has been done in.

Did I not see this race, with the elongated crania, claws for for hands, + the third eye - they are deaf + mute, etc., + used to a different atmosphere. If I were to call them any one thing I would call them "the great ones" or "the immortal ones." Or "the ones who see" or "the ones who cause to be" ("I am he who causes to be: YHWH"), then I have seen God + he has caused me to become like him or even "one of us." It seems clear that it or they put the "astral determinism" {tapes?} in us in the first place. We are + have been from the start entirely in the hands of their superior technology; we belong to them. Why they set up this older "law" I have no idea. But now it is superceded, at least for the esoteric true initiates-- whom they select ("You did not pick me: I picked you" + "I have called you, Philip.") He or they select us out.


Anything that can direct + control our lives inside + out, + generate our world, has to be -- by functional definition -- called "God." Mere semantics is involved to haggle over it. + God {?} Christ. It is a fit object of awe, love, fear, devotion, trust, thanks + worship; + I don't understand its ways or nature, since it is so far beyond me. Ipso facto, this is God, technology or not. Having seen it, having experienced its power over us + world, + its wisdom, + its goodness, + its intervention to extricate me, + knowing {?} with it in the beatific vision of the loving abyss, I must report back to my fellow humans that God exists, + he is all which is attributed to him: the vortex which is + which causes to be.

When I realized that it generates our world I should have realized {then?}. It is indeed the creator, sustainer, lord of history + judge. + there is an unfolding plan + revelation of him + of that plan, to some degree imparted to me. That makes me a prophet of the Lord. + I hear the "low, murmuring voice" which Elijah heard.

Yes, there was my great clue to the truth, when I realized he generates [our] world. What else -- who else -- can he be but God? I see world correctly, as emanating from him; he lies within + behind it. He is the


ground of being -- that which all "reality" is based on. "Reality" does not seem real to be {me?} because I compare it to him, + to me, only he is truly real. This is God, even the O.T. God. I am not so much a cosmic as revealed-to. --- ({?} PKD) Voice: "In my anarchy + rebellion I rose up against God."(!) --- Voice: "Zebra blood. It'll mix with our blood." --- PKD: "Zebra, who are you?" Voice: "I am God." (force throws PKD back) PKD: "Why do you speak to me only late at night, at 3:00 am?" Voice: "The heaviside layer." (force throws PKD back) PKD: "Why did you choose me?" Voice: (silence) --

--- There is on this planet an evil power which has tremendous control over us: hence by occluding us off from perceiving Zebra, Zebra prevents the evil power from being aware of it -- i.e. of Zebra. At this point by + large we can't be untangled from the evil power: it's in us. It has us. (1) I can't help it if my conclusions agree with orthodoxy: Zebra occludes us because we rebelled against God. I am led inescapably to the conclusion that 1) Zebra occluded us + 2) Zebra is God.


1) What we are occluded to is Zebra. That is what we're unaware of. 2) Zebra is God. 3) Zebra could make itself known to us; it did to me. 4) {therefore} Zebra occludes us or allows the occlusion. 5) In our anarchy + rebellion we rose up against God (Zebra). So the occlusion is the price we pay. 6) But: he has sent a savior to redeem us. He de-occludes us on an individual basis ("One by one he is drawing us out of this world.") This is orthodoxy. Sorry -- I was led to it.

By relentless reasoning, research + colloquy with Zebra himself (i.e. revelation) my errors were corrected. I haven't arrived at the conclusion I want. But again, sorry; the road of true inquiry does not always lead to what you want or expect, but to what is true.

It is the rebellion in me that specifically is killing me. I would gladly give up my life if I could become {honestly?} tame (meek); my soul is at stake. I want + need God's help to learn how not to resent.

God speaks to me at 3:00 am "because of the heaviside layer." This, then, is technology; I am transducing a -- in something like a -- RF signal. So again we have signal + info -- technology dealing with info processing. He is the creator, but the world is irreal -- compared with him. Only he is


really real; it's he who impinges on us, not world.

{+ definite?}, at last I have isolated ^ the death-{dealing?} streak in me: it is rebellion. I am wild + would be tame. (Meek.) I recapitulate our original sin: rebellion, which is nothing more lofty than resentment. I pray God to break me, sincerely. I have cut through all the layers + am down to the primordial core: strife, not love; thanatos, not eros. One can go no further. It is killing me, this primordial evil in me. God help me. Erbarme mich, mein Gott! Oder ich bin verloren. --- Zebra is superior to world, capable of "melting" it; this either reduces world to something like mere illusion, or elevates Zebra to the level of God. I had drawn the former conclusion, but now I see & draw the latter, instead. However, to recognize world as illusion or "hologram" is an indirect way of recognizing the absolute reality -- supremacy -- of Zebra, whose absolute existence I never doubted. This should have told me from the start who Zebra is: "I am he who causes to be." That he weaves the hologram was evident to me from the start. Still, I see a technology involved. But before that I saw immanent deity. I think I was right. What about Zebra as invader? God, maybe transcendent in-breaking into his own creation! For the historic events of 1974. As stipulated in


the dream in "Tears"! --- Thought (satori) {"satori" is double underlined}: Dedalus {Daedalus?} + the maze he built + got into + couldn't get out of again -- at Crete. Myth of our world, its creation, + us?

My dream about the elevator, the poem recit{ed?}, the plate of spaghetti + the trident -- palace of Miros & the maze: clue to our situation? Well, then in my writing I figured it out: it was an intellectual, not moral error. This would explain the technology! (Heaviside layer. Pink beam of light, etc. The melting.)

My books (+ stories) are intellectual (conceptual) mazes. + I am in an intellectual maze in trying to figure out our situation (who we are + how we got into this world, + world as illusion, etc.), because the situation is a maze, leading back to itself, + false clues show up, such as our "rebellion."

There is something circular about our situation, esp. involving our occlusion! By our efforts we can't think our way out (i.e. get out -- reverse the original intellectual error; paradox is involved now.) This is the clue! The occlusion would then be a function of the maze: it's internalization. Perhaps we created the maze, occluded ourselves + entered it to pose ourselves a problem, like working out a chess problem. But what is Zebra? (1) a mind outside the maze helping us (2) a device we built ourselves to assist us


if we get hopelessly trapped. (3) The mind of the maze itself; the maze is alive. In (1) + (2) Zebra is an invader in world (i.e. in the maze). So no true time passes. World is artifact.

Because of the occlusion (inc amnesia) there is no way we can figure out our situation. If we were not occluded we'd remember where we are + the trapped-ness would end; but -- either we voluntarily accepted this condition or fell victim to it. Zebra gives us accurate answers, but only if we ask the right questions + have figured out the basic situation. Outside the maze, time + space do not exist; we are our own savior (put another way, he is us).

The master becomes the servant, + the servant the master. The horse's head is God, a failsafe info processing device which would remind us of the true state of affairs if we fell victim to our own servant -- + we did, + it ("God") cryptically reminds us.

Like "eye" where there's a mishap + they fall into the Bertram Beam, + fake worlds are created which exert compelling power over them, of delusion, "falling into the Bertram Beam" equals our fall into the power of our own maze (artifact or computer). ____ Satori: We wanted to see if we could create a convincing world ("ape of God"!), but we had to be sure we could get back out if it seemed convincing. So it was a revolt, + the "horse's head" may be the true God, + not our construct -- or it may be a construct by us. I'm not sure.


The irony is that if we were successful, if our world were convincing, we would be trapped (by it). Then we must have hoped it would be convincing + we would therefore find it real + hence be trapped. But we could not take the risk of this situation being endless; we had to build in the "reminding" voice which we now regard as God (+ rightly so, since it is transcendent to world). (God is the sole true reality - in contrast to our irreal world, + the sole thing breaking in from outside. Like in "Ubik".) (Everything else we experience is part of the irreality of this delusional world.) (This is why it is a "low, murmuring" voice, + not close nor loud.)

The technology of Zebra is the technology of a superior construct -- entity firing help + info at us in an effort --successful -- to extricate us from our own trap; we may well have originally equipped it with this technology, put this technology at its disposal. We placed the highest technology we knew of at its disposal. Here in, our highest efforts, skills + knowledge were put -- + for a good reason. After all, if this construct-entity failed, we faced being stuck here forever -- in terms of the unreal time unrolling seemingly here, to which we are subjugated. ___ The above system fully accounts for 1) my anamnesis; + 2) Zebra; + 3) the acosmism expressed in my writing. In particular, the awareness of self as a God, felt in anamnesis.

The postmortem experience assumes a new meaning, in this system. It is escape from the maze,


our real goal. I "remembered" (ahead) getting out of the maze --this world-- finally -- i.e. after time present lifetime. Which is a return to my pre-maze condition in the pleroma or upper realm: the sole link with which is Zebra. Zebra is God; the abyss is the God head or true ground of being or ultimate {?}. There seems to be a difference. Zebra is God as being, but the abyss is non-being, the void. My personal escape may be due to intellectual reasons, since our fall was originally an intellectual error, so to speak, a test we were running to see if our world was convincing. We were playing with fire, as the saying goes -- seeing if we could construct an irreal world (counterfeit) which would fool even its fabricators: the supreme test. Our nemesis was to be successful + hence by definition fall victim to it. This shows up in "stigmata" in the taking of Eldritch's drug, + in "Maze" in plunging voluntarily into the polyencephalic fusion. (But the "Persus 9" on their arms served to remind them.) In "Maze" they ask the tench what the words "Persus 9" mean, + the tench blows up, revealing itself to be -- not an organism -- but an electronic computer -- + then the whole landscape comes apart. This was their pre-arranged bailout route. Eventually they were bound to hit on it + finally the building itself (Walhalla) disintegrates, + they all grow old - i.e. the gods grow old! They are gods!


A careful deconstruction (comparison with Wagner's "Ring") shows that 1) they built the building - which is to say everything ; 2) they are the gods themselves. Only the intercessor comes in "from the outside" - even into their ship the Persus 9 ("But we made you up!" Wrong; he really exists adventitious to their spurious -- i.e. self-generated == world which they entered + which fools them. Then in essence 1) I became aware of world as irreal (i.e. ^a maze) + 2) through God's help, found my way out of the maze; + 3) realized what I had done. I am now free at last: "One by one he is drawing us out of this world." The only thing which is real is that | Martians come in Clouds which comes in from outside - i.e. God | The Eyes Have it (or Zebra + the AI Voice) - not part of | Beyond the Door this irreal world: this is why it sounds | Withered Apples so far off. | Not by its Cover ___ Since the totality is a hologram, each micro-bit contains the plan or form of the macro. This plan or form is what is meant by "the Logos". ___ Zebra is not part of the maze but an invader into the maze ({V?} p. 13/14); like its AI voice it is from outside + not subject to time or space. It camouflages itself with the maze. It can melt the maze (overpower it locally.) To link up with it is, for us, to be saved. Great is the mental conception which can encompass the meaning + magnitude of Zebra -- who is more than all the world (i.e. the maze). We have in it {a?} friend, a helper of Godly stature; it transcends the entire world (maze), is real, not irreal.

The {?} "maze" gives clues to what Zebra is: the computer T.E.N.C.H., aboard the Persus 9. Zebra is this very "computer," actually lying outside the "polyencephalic fusion" world, speaking from far off to us in here. But it is here, in camouflaged form. Yet, there really is no "here"; we are stationary "back there" as in "Ubik" etc. Zebra interrupts the "dream" with its low murmuring voice: a voice not in the dream, a voice from the "awake" world. The "melting" of the hologram is in a sense an illusion because nothing [real] is melted because nothing real is there in the first place (which is why Zebra can melt it). I resort to my "two source" hologram cosmogony.

Perhaps the macro brain which I saw is the real world outside the maze (hologram-world). Or: it is the cause of the hologram-world, the "lasers," which are in fact pure info. Macro brain then equals Persus 9. Or the {flow?} of the Bevatron -- or esp. the info breaking through in "Ubik" -- this info is not just from the real world but is the real world. There is an actual basis for our irreal world, + that actual basis is information (which we are {?} to hypostatize); the info is the traffic of a computer like (of the tench!) entity. But it so to speak lies outside our world. However, Zebra has invaded our world in its camouflaged form, to assist us.

Through Zebra we are linked back up with the Macro Brain; it's as if Zebra is a mobile extension of the Macro Brain within the hologram created by the Macro Brain. The melting, then, is a sort of dissolving of the hologram by a form of its own source. Thus in an ultimate sense Zebra does not override but just alleviates or, so to


speak culminates (at a higher velocity) the normal control process. But, it {was?} be realized, Zebra although in the hologram is not part of it; Zebra is not projected but is. In the sense that the Macro Brain is. It is obvious from this analysis why being taken over by Zebra would mean receiving a titanic inflow of information since it is the "Logos" of the Macro Brain (in hermetic terms). The ground plan of reality would be known, then, by the person; he would not just reacquire his own personal lost memories, etc. -- except that he himself was originally in possession of this Logos in the first place before he fell into the maze.

The maze generates a deceiving power over the persons, rather than merely being, in itself, deceptive. It is irreal, but poses as the real; to do this it must get into the person's cognitive + percept systems (v "scanner"). It is a very sophisticated maze, + is or is as if alive. For example, it can simulate long stretches of time when in fact no real time has passed at all, so that it seems as if we have been here thousands of years ("He causes things to look different so it'd seem as if appear time had passed.") In terms of RET we may not have been here long at all. Once the maze gets hold of you, you're in it (v "Stigmata") for what is subjectively experienced as forever, or nearly so. For example the maze outwitted Christ (indirectly) by so prolonging our sense of time lapse that we supposed that 2000 years has passed since the first Advent, which is a (ma?) way of circumventing the inexorable abolition of the maze.

We are expert craftsmen. Still, upon having constructed it, we were willing to match wits with it, confident of the outcome. What is important to realize is that all our sufferings were taken on voluntarily (v. supra typed pages) inasmuch as we


either 1) entered the maze voluntarily knowing what was in store for us; or 2) took the risk -- + so it came to pass. A certain hubris is evident in our act: our conviction that in matching wits with our creation we would win. We may have overestimated our abilities, but: these are the same abilities by which we built the maze in the first place, so it would seem reasonable. This may have indeed been an anarchy + rebellion, a rising up against God -- but the punishment was self-inflicted, in the final analysis, + Zebra may not be a failsafe (def?) device of our own devising but the vox dei itself, mercifully extricating us (this is a more orthodox view). Seeing what a plight we had created for ourselves, God mercifully sent aid into this our false world. Aid, so to speak, followed after us. The servant became the master, but God supplied the talking horse's head to advise us cryptically as to the path out. The question as to whether we created + supplied the "talking horse's head" which I call Zebra depends on the extent to which our original unfallen nature can be equated with God's. Via anamnesis I have reason to equate them fully.

The crossbonding with the plasmate is the moment when those persons "doomed" to salvation are ^finally^ released from the maze by knowledge which reverses the original intellectual error (of taking this world for real) + reverses it (the error). restores the original free condition, instead of the imposed servant-to-the-maze-as-master role. The plasmate comes from outside the irreal maze + appears to be the life (energy) of the Macro Brain; i.e. it is real, + crossbonds with what is real but buried and asleep in the human. The part that originally was.


Viewed this way, crossbonding can be seen to be a relatively simple event. The original error or ignorance is reversed by a symbiosis with or the mind outside the maze, so that the person involved de facto ceases to be in the maze but is yanked (or transferred) outside it. Thus the ontological status assigned to Gnosis by the Gonstics is correct: Gnosis is the key to extrication (salvation). The Macro Brain has reached into the irreal world (the Gnosticsâ?? acosmism is a correct view, too) + fused with a given person, â??+, one by one, he is drawing us out of this [the?] world.â? The labyrinth which we wander around in, in circles, occluded + forgetful, is breached from outside since it is impossible for us on our own to find the way back out again. â??Astral determinismâ? is the control + occluding power over us per se by the maze; this cryptic term (concept) expresses our total condition is all its aspects. To have this â??astral determinismâ? broken (not break it but have it broken for us, over us) we have to be, like fruit or flowers or a crop, ripe; there must be a state of balking on our part, intellectual or moral, against the maze (irreal world) in preparation, hence an openness to salvation. I was wrong supra ^p.6^ is defining the occlusion as to occlusion to the presence of Zebra. The occlusion is to take this irreal world (maze) as real, + hence to experience its power (â??astral determinismâ?) over us. â??Astral determinismâ? equals maya: the coercive power of delusion; this is the occlusion. It follows naturally that if we experience this irreal maze as real we cannot distinguish Zebra, which is real. The precondition for exper-


-ience the turly real is to jettison the irreal. This provides the essertion set - ground discrimination which discloses Zebra, the living info + vortex. World is now thrust backward as mere ground. The real is secretly here within the context of the irreal. It has literally invaded the irreal. Summary: Zebra is the intrusion of the real [world] into the irreal, as in â??Ubik,â? + our only contact with the real: the â??narrow gateâ? to the real (i.e. to â??Godâ?). As I figured out a long time ago, Zebra is an invader into our [irreal] world, modulating it + us into info carriers, with the ultimate purpose of extricating us from the â??lostâ? condition we have gotten ourselves in, by the means of reversing our condition of ignorance through information (knowledge). The power of this irreal world - or maze - over us is expressed in the concept â??astral determinismâ? or â??mayaâ? - the coercive power of delusion; hence I say, our original error was intellectual, not moral. But in a sense we did rebel, by creating this counterfeit â??realityâ? which we then fell victim to, inasmuch as we overestimated our ability to deal with it. The above paragraph expreses a cosmogony + cosmology. All that is needed to make it complete is 1) to consider the crossbonding with Zebra which restores us; + 2) the nature of true reality, a macro brain or noös, the thinking ground of being not included in this irreal world except for its macro form, Zebra, sent here by the macro noös to rescue us. {23}

Christ was Zebra incarnated. He left a secret church of true xtians who possess the Gnosis. They benignly affect history + act to create other â??homoplasmatesâ? - i.e. humans bonded to Zebra, i.e. further christians, but covert ones. Zebra plans to incarnate again soon. Or already has. this will be overt. â??Tearsâ? depicts this second in-breaking; this time he will sit as Lord and Judge, + this spurious world + its spurious time will come to an end. All those â??doomedâ? to be saved will be; the others will perish. The maze will cease, + all things will be revealed. No one knows when this will be, since our time is counterfeit; hence the â??timeâ? of this event by definition cannot be known; it is not an object of knowledge. He is already calling his new flock of disciples, + I am one of them - but I am not to tell this, because it would reveal his still-secret presence here ({? the ?}) + that the assize has already occured + he is selecting out (picking like ripe fruit) his own, who were always his own. I hear his voice often, now. I just realized: from the dream scene on in â??Tearsâ? the (Christ/God) [Zebra] calls to Buckman, I make him a convert, like


did with Paul. That is what happens, there it isnâ??t the black man who is converted, but Buckman. So the cryptic ({?}-graphic message in â??Tearsâ? is, {?} He is here + he is calling his own, now. (+ King-Felix identifies him.) Hence the dream points to the great assize, as I have long suspected - + hence the Parousia. â??Calling his ownâ? (as he did me) + â??the great assizeâ? cannot be separated, + those he calls â??one by one he draw out of the worldâ? - takes to himself. As the Gonstics foresaw, the divine sparks will be drawn out of the world, + what remains possessing no reality, will cease to be, because it never was. Only the divine sparks were real. ___ In reading this over, I am struck by two points. (1) We overestimated our ability to deal with our own creation + triumph over it. In point of fact, only through/by Zebra, dispatched by the true noös to rescue us, are our memories + identities restored + we are saved - extricated - from our own irreal world - the fake world we created + then fell victim to. Thus our sole hope depends on the benign true God whom we rebelled against by fashioning this counterfeit world. Thus I see his mercy as infinite; he is resuing those who rose up against him by aping his world - creating power. (2) The role of knowledge. It is the nature of the maze, which is quasi-alive, to thwart know-


ledge. Maze + knowledge are antithetical; also maze + reality are antithetical. Out of this I derive: Knowledge + reality are interrelated. So we can expect the active deceptivity of the maze to interfere with our ability to know, which means that it will perpetually occlude us in every way possible (v. â??Scanner.â?). Further, that we are occluded will be a fact occluded off from us, which is the core-insight in â??Scanner,â? + why â??Scannerâ? is so valuable in the presentation of our total actual situation. Yaldabaoth is the quasi-mind of the maze, not its creator - since in fact it does not really exist; it is a condition or state weâ??ve been put in, not a world or place at all; all it really consists of is info fired by the two info-processing sources. The quasi-mind of the maze is as if insane, senselessly generating + destroying: it is like a wizard generating illusion upon illusion which shift + change constantly (thus giving rise to the spurious impression of the passage of time). It is the plan of the maze to establish + maintain disorder, because out of disorder arises the senseless - a condition which promotes intellectual confusion on our part, which aids in defeating our attempt to understand -which is to say, possess knowledge: the essential thing we must have if we are to triumph over the maze. Thus maze equals disorder or anti-Gnosis. No system of thought derived through our senses or a priori is going to be correct due to the {26} calculated noise or inexplicability generated by the maze - only revealed Gnosis emanating from outside the maze - i.e. by/through Zebra - will be of any use. What is required of us is that we abandon both our reasoning power (as occluded or impaired) + our {?}- system results (likewise) + try to hear the â??low, murmuring voiceâ? from outside the maze. This requires the ordeal of terror + destruction of our false self, the collapse of hypostatization in the emergency condition of the near-death crisis which causes the firing of GABA-blocked meta-circuits. ^Outward^ explicability + ^inner^ occlusion are the twin {?} of the maze: that [process] which makes no sense is fred to that {?} + cognitive system which is (unknown to itself) impaired. The result is hopeless confusion, the antithesis of Gnosis. You have a deliberately damaged mind trying hopelessly to make sense out of a reality (+ process) which adds up to nothing anyhow: a lethal combination, but quite in keeping with the purpose + nature of the maze + its quasi-mind; this is why we should speak of it as a maze - + a good one! Every hypostasis, intellectual or moral, is doomed to prove a failure; events will defeat it + expose its inaccuracy. Even nihilism + pessimism donâ??t always accurately depict the real situation: calculated runs of

{27} Moral + intellectual order are introduced to cause us to keep trying to make sense out of what we are compelled to live through. Irony + paradox abound, + a constant calculated frustration of expectation + hope, a purposeful ruin of plans. The mazeâ??s quasi mind acts in a perverse way, but it is not malignant or malicious, just â??insaneâ? - which is to say irrational. This is why virtually every system of human thought simultaneously works + does not quite (perfectly) work. Until finally you get into ultimate absurdities, as stated in â??Tears,â? which, when you uncover this, you are faced with the obvious impossibility of ever correctly formulating a workable world view - without knowing why you canâ??t! Cornford points out that in â??Timaeusâ? Plato detected a quality ^or element^ of the irrational in the world soul. Habâ??acht! Her is warning to us enough, regarding our hypotheses. Plato, in â??Timaeus,â? was on the right track: noös â??persuadingâ? {Ananaki?}. Actually, noös is an invader into an (this) irrational realm ^but^ whose aim is not to impose c{?}smos onto chaos but rather to extricate us, as the Gonstics realized (+ the xtians, + the mystery religions). Orthodoxy is correct in saying that we rebelled against God + fell; are now in a


debased + impaired condition. + God has dispatched a savior to restore us. But the Gnostics are right in (1) their acosmism; + (2) in saying that the true God did not creat this world. + that this world is irreal. However, the Gnostics (esp. those identified with Mani) are wrong in seeing this world as evil (it is only irrational), + us as victims of it; in truth, we are victims, but also the creators of it (cf â??Maze of Deathâ?). + the {â??James-Jamesâ??} {?} is not the creator of it but merely its quasi-mind or what Plato called the [irrational] world soul, by which is alters itself in the â??look differentsâ? calculated to cause us to infer the flow of time (whatever that might mean), the purpose of which is to prolong our stay here (via our inaccurate perception of duration) --> {infinity symbol}. ___ In reading over the above, point (1), that we overestimated our ability to cope with our own creation, the maze, is in the final analysis, an inability to cope with the quasi-mind of the maze. We as gods sired the insane wizard well-depicted by the Gnostics as Yalda Baoth, + found ourselves pitted against it - it, which we had programmed to deceive, to promote anti-{?} + defeat knowledge. I guess we imagined it would be an interesting intellectual challenge: could it defeat knowledge faster than we could fabricate knowledge? The contours of a vast puzzle-game become evident, here, with exciting intellectual implications: it resembles a


board game, the ultimate board game! However, as intellectually stimulating as the theory might be - however thrilling the prospect of the contest between â??us who knowâ? (ie minds) + â??that which defeats being knownâ? (ie the world-maze with its quasi-mind), in practice we immediately + totally succumbed. If a principle were dredged up it would be: Mind, confronted by the impossible-to-know, loses, however great its capacity, efforts + resources. (In our hubris we denied the truth of this. So God must rescue us. Hence Zebra. If the purpose of this exegesis is to develop an overview in which my 3-74 experience (+ by extension the kerygma of my writing) makes sense, I may (due to Pat Warrickâ??s help) have succeeded. What I could most seek (hope for) would be a cosmogony + cosmology in which Zebra was not just possible but necessary. This has required me to reach for Gnostic acosmism, cybernetics, info theory +, most of all, to exegete the 3-74 revelation (Gnosis) itself as the court of last appeal (ie the AI voice + what it has told me). It has also required a lot of hard reading (inc. my own writing) + disciplined thought. I wind up with the notion of an irreal maze world which we created + then got caught in, + are being extricated from by God through a reverse of the primordial ontological ignorance - ie by equally ontological knowledge - revealed knowledge, + the revealor, Zebra, which amounts to an invasion by God - an ultimate + revealed noös - into this calculatedly inexplicable irreal world which half-consciously thwarts the hopes + expectations of all life by the introduction of the anti-expected.


The only constant + true constituent is in fact not a constituent of this world but, as depicted in â??Ubikâ? enters one way from outside, the vortex dei. The fact that after 4 1/2 years of ^strenuous^ exegete, whereupon I have reached these conclusions (not to mention 27 years of published writing) I now find myself being signalled to die - which effectively makes it impossible for me to put this Gnosis in a form which I can publish - is a condition which can be deduced from my exegesis itself + shows Iâ??m on the right intellectual path, but to no avail. I am not extricated by my exegesis but by Zebra (Christ) back in 2-3/74. The exegesis would have provided the basis for a broad, explicated formulation to {?} broadcast, but of course this can never come about; these insights will die with me. All I have is a three feet high stack of chicken scratchings of no use to anyone else, as K.W. tirelessly points out. To heap the burning coals of anti-meaning on me, I also have a lot of money for the only time in my life, but with no use to which I can or care to put it. My personal attack - war - against anti-meaning (by means of my mind) has gone the way of our collective primordial defeat at the hands - I should say quasi-mind - of the maze, - I merely recapitulate the ancient, original losing by mind in this exquisitely sophisticated board game which we so cunningly devised for our delectation. This past time is once more the death of one of us - but this time I am, entirely through Christ, extricated - taken out of the maze: â??one by one he is drawing us out of this world.â? I did not win; Christ won me for his own, so vis-a-vis me alone the maze as always won. I have earnestly sacrificed myself for nothing - too late to retreat back out intact. Omnia via ad mortis ducent.

{31} In a sense my 4 1/2 years of exegete can be regarded as a further successful stratagem by the maze, in opposition to the Gnosis crossbonded onto me in 3-74 which at that time gave me life - I gave up that life via my compulsion to relentlessly exegete. But I see one further irony - one which amuses me (my only exit from this trap) : here is additional proof of the quality (success) of our original craftsmanship, so this final (?) victory of the maze over me, despite Zebra (Christ) is in a paradoxical way my victory as a creative artist. (The maze regarded as our work of art.) After all, the maze is a product of our minds. If the maze wins, our minds win (are proven). If, upon entering the maze, we out think it, again our minds win. Ambiguity is involved in either outcome (this may be the puzzling dialectic revealed to me in 3-74). In fact, maybe in ^(during, in conjunction with) my 27 years of writing I outwitted the maze - as witness the 3 Bantam novels. â??Tearsâ? + â??Scanner,â? speaking about me personally, I won in pitting myself intellectually against the maze; I figured its nature out - in which case 3-74 was the jackpot payoff reward, the revelation you get for so doing. This puts a somewhat different light on Zebra. What Iâ??m saying here is that the game is so constructed that you wander around in the maze interminably (1) until you figure it out, + then as a culmination of the intellectual, deciphering process you get told, â??yes you are right (about (1) In fake time


the world). + now you get to leave.â? Which means that the ontological, saving Gnosis comes to you if you pick up on certain clues here + there + arrive at the acosmism - the Kerygma expressed in â??Eyeâ? the 3 Bantam novels, â??Tearsâ? + â??Scannerâ? etc. - + then the â??masks are removedâ? + the truth revealed - but it is a truth you already at least partially figured out. I didnâ??t think of this. What if the conditions of the game are these? Extrication comes only as a result of - or after - self intellectual correct formulation? Then - Zebra is built into the maze as the link back up to the outside (cf â??Ubikâ?), to the real world. I literally found my way out of the maze - So there is a way out!

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