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3/20/74 12-2--80

Philip K. Dick 408 E Civic Center #301 Santa Ana Calif 92701 (714)836-6367

THE DIALECTIC: God against Satan, + God's final victory foretold + shown

Philip K. Dick


Apologia pro mea vita


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I don't think I see the world as other people do; I presume what I'm trying to prove in this whole Exegesis, namely a medieval realist worldview in which the sensible world-order is [unconsciously] assumed to be printed out from an upper more real realm - this is also the world of the shaman: two level reality, as found in Plato but repudiated by Aristotle. 2-3-74 was a coming into full consciousness -+ control- of this worldview. My leap to full abstracting in 2-74 was an epiphany of - some archaic -probably medieval- substrate in me, bursting through the thin rationalist modern veneer. It was anamnesis all right (v. p 512, Plato's view of how we apprehend universals) but - Primitive is the word I want. Contemporary philosophy makes no sense to me. & yet, as Pat Warrick says, I write from the standpoint of quantum mechanics. My God isn't even transcendent - No; I don't believe in heaven or an afterlife. What do I believe in? Kantian phenomenology? That an invisible latent realm exists immanently in the sensible world or that no objective world in itself exists at all? Acosmism? Something Eastern (e.g. Brahmanism?) "If you press world hard enough it yields up God" - paraphrase of p. 485. "I define God as world under the threat of death ... God forced into the open, + put to work in the service of evading death." I am not I; I am not here; I am not now. Buddhist idealism? No, because when self + world go, God -not the void- replaces them, + world is seen as an abstraction outside space + time, an interconnected system of ideas in His mind; more precisely, a memory [s...t .n] process (i.e. not static).


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10-21-80 7

I remember a "former" incarnation, my prenatal existence, it is here and it is now, even though in terms of space and time it was thousands of years ago and thousands of miles away. How can it be? This is a mystery, but it is a mystery that, paradoxically, is or contains its own solution, because when you see that other spatiotemporal continuum here and now you grasp intuitively that space and time are not real and that the plural spatiotemporal continua are mere aspects, mere seeming; what the AI voice calls "looking different." So you know about the Form realm, the eide, because you do experience this superimposition or double exposure, which can only be possible if the two spatiotemporal continua have a common essence; further, if these spatiotemporal accidents are only semireal (or as Parmenides would have it, not real at all). This is why anamnesis is so radically different from memory and so stunning an experience. It is not memory in the ordinary sense at all; it is a loss of ordering in terms of space and time. Why does this occur? Because you see something in the here and now that was part of the other continuum that was then and there; this is what Plato means by being reminded by an appropriate thing or situation. So the experience starts with perception; perception does not arise from anamnesis; anamnesis arises from perception from what I call "the disinhibiting stimulus," and am I ever right! This experience cannot --repeat cannot-- happen without such a disinhibiting stimulus. Yes, anamnesis is memory, or more precisely the removal of a block to remembering, but it must be set in motion by empirical perception, not a priori ratiocination (Plato knows this, probably because the Pythagorians and Orphics practiced it). So it isn't a prenatal existence in the pleroma; it need not be, anyhow; a "former" spatiotemporal incarnation will do fine -- may be precisely it -- ponder my theory that the morphological realm, realm #3, is exploded through our space and time. That would explain it, i.e. the disinhibiting stimulus! This exploded through our space and time, thousands of miles and years, by the morphological realm, realm #3. Boy, am I on to something here. Two strands of my exegesis have just now come together, and they work. It's exactly like the form-axes in UBIK: "The man contains --not the boy-- but the former man." I was on to it then, when I wrote UBIK. I must subliminally have noted the exploded morphological realm #3 here in our spatiotemporal realm #4. So Platonism and Neo-Platonism was proved by me then, in UBIK; it


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10-21-80 9

This doesn't fit Christianity at all, even Gnosticism. Then VALIS alludes to a vast mystery understood by the Orphics, Plato, Plotinus and Pythagoras; but no one knows about it now. Jane Harrison's book makes clear that Orphism was a conscious effort to get you up out of realm #4 and back to a unitary soul as eidos in realm #3, and this carries over into Platonism ... but what a dreadful secret lies here, one I am just beginning to glimpse. And what dimensions salvation has! For you to be unified again ... could Jesus have known about this? There is no indication of it. I see; the One became Nous; unity was lost; with each lower realm came more multiplicity, and here we are, splintered into a thousand fragments in this spatiotemporal, atomized realm; not just the realm atomized but each of our souls. What a fate. Gnosis or a savior is needed, or both; this is a dreadful condition; the Judo-Christian theme of the Fall underestimates its dreadfulness. Not just the Godhead fell into plurality (sparks) but each individual soul did, too. So Thomas was another portion of me, of my soul, rejoining the part that PKD is; two parts --did this comprise a whole, a totality? Or are there other parts still missing? And the AI voice; is that my unitary intact soul in realm #3? I think so. The Gnostics are right; our primordial mistake was to take the spatiotemporal world as real. That's it. The Fall lay there. It was an intellectual error and I reversed it in 2-3-74; this is what 2-3-74 consisted of; I no longer took it as real. Hence my ten volume meta novel is on the right path.


As of late last night my emotions (affective self) moved into synch with my intellect (as engaged in this exegesis), and the result was that I surveyed a world-picture of such bleakness that it was for a time beyond my capacity to bear. I saw and understood suffering, not just intellectually, not just emotionally, but fully, with complete comprehension. Today I have thought about it, and the only attitude that can or should be brought to bear is a stoic one, in fact a heroic one, a facing of this bleakness unflinchingly, with no attempt to flee from it as a vision or existentionally, as a way of being in the world. It is a view of the weary wheel of Buddhism; it is the Buddha's view of absolute suffering and the need not to be reborn, to get off the


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10-25-80 2

to what happened in 3-74: the regulation of the Yin and the Yang, i.e. the dialectic, by the Tao; the Tao asserting itself as master of the dialectic that makes up our world-order of flux and strife ("The Tao is what lets in first the light, then the dark" -- This has always stuck in my mind as the basic definition of the Tao). And this has to do with advanced physics; so Warrick is right about Valis and 3-74. Sentient physics. But also: Valis was my splintered self "imploding" back together, the pieces that had exploded over space and time reversing their direction in enantiodromia and re-collecting to form their original unity. Of this I am absolutely certain; but look: this, too, could be an example of an event of higher physics! (This is why time seemed to flow backward; and forward-moving time had exploded my self over thousands of years and miles.) This is why I had the distinct and indubitable impression that my own earlier thought-contents were coming back to me in the form of world -- e.g. UBIK and "Faith of..." etc. World was familiar to me as my own earlier mind. I never could explain this until now. It was (I see now) the re-collecing of my own splintered self as if time were running backward, turning an explosion into an implosion. So beyond doubt enantiodromia and other higher laws of physics perceived by the Taoist and Greek naturalists (pre-Socratics) were involved! I see! The normal process of self-splintering was reversed. And this reunification of self involved thousands of years and thousands of miles -- over which it had initially exploded, due to the nature --condition-- of self in this flux realm (space-time realm). This is a great realization, confirming intimations I've had since 3-74 but never could explain. Now I am totally convinced that Taoist, pre-Socratic and quantum mechanics theory is involved. And the key is: enantiodromia and Heraclitus especially. This can be tied in with cosmic oscillations as in "I am the breath of my creator and as he exhales and inhales I live." Enantiodromia/palintropos harmonie. The first space-time thing that returned to me was my most recent book, TEARS, and the world (Acts) in it where the main part of my Self had been exploded to. Then later came UBIK. The above paragraph is the most important realization of my six and a half years of exegesis. Out of this, as the Taoist alchemists knew, comes longer life (immortality) and health; it is embryonic breathing (v. supra). Because



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